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Web Designers In Berkshire Should Optimise Your Site For Speed

Web designers in Berkshire deal with business website builds on a daily basis. The best web agencies amongst them recognise that every client is different and will have differing needs and requirements. However, all of them want the best bang for their buck, including a website that works in the way it’s supposed to.

Professional web designers and developers know that there is a fine line between a site that looks amazing and site that runs so slowly that no one has a chance to appreciate how amazing it is. This is a common problem facing web design Surrey based agencies – how to balance a fantastic site with a fantastic user experience. We’ve all been on websites that have taken so long to load that we just click away. The best web design Berkshire wide agencies are adept at utilising their professional knowledge to make your new website run as effectively as possible. This can include optimising images, both in terms of size and scale, and combining code into a central file. There are also options to compress HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which can speed up a website’s load speed. While you don’t need to understand what all this means, it’s vital that your chosen web design agency does. A business website is a serious undertaking that represents your company online. As such, you need it to operate as effectively as every other part of your business, including loading quickly and giving potential customers access to your online presence as and when they want it.

Immersive Media are one of the premier web designers in Berkshire. We understand that a brilliant website is no use if none of your customers stick around to see it load. That’s why we put time and effort into optimising sites for the benefit of our clients. Find out more on our website at or by calling 020 8644 99 22.