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Web Design Godalming Wide That Recognises The Role Of Mobile Technology

Web design Godalming based agencies need to understand the importance of mobile technology to businesses if they are to be able to support their online growth. In 2015, the laptop was overtaken by smartphones and tablets as the devices of choice of consumers for web browsing.

Whether you need to build a new website with a web design Surrey based agency or revitalise your existing site, it is important that you, and your web designer, think mobile first. Given the consumers’ preference for mobile devices, if your website doesn’t display well here, you’re losing a huge proportion of your potential customer segment. Part of the role of any professional agency for web design in Surrey is to understand the difference between how your audience interacts with a site on a mobile device, compared to a laptop or desktop computer. This affects the amount of information you include on any page, as well as how that information is displayed. It is crucial to remember that fonts and images are smaller, and if enlarging the page means losing the information, or continually waiting for pages to reload, you risk losing the customer. It is important that both you and the website designers are familiar with aspects like using Media Queries, a feature in CSS3. This enables your content to quickly respond to different device ecosystems and conditions. Media Queries quickly checks a device’s resolution, screen dimensions and orientation (landscape or portrait). It then determines which CSS rules to apply in loading your content on this device, providing a fully responsive website for any device.

If you are looking for a web design Godalming wide agency that puts responsive design high on their list of priorities, then you need Immersive Media. We understand how important mobile technology is to both you and your customers, and we design accordingly. Visit to see what we can do for you.