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Web Design Farnham – Whole Page Design Considerations

Web design Farnham wide companies are an essential part of understanding the different elements of your website content. Your page layout is one such element and, just as designing above the fold is important, so too is how you plan the space below the fold. Read on to learn more about this area of design.

Your web design Surrey based agency will tell you that most visitors spend most of their time exploring what’s known as the above the fold area of your webpage. The phrase ‘above the fold’ relates to the top half of a newspaper page, particularly a broadsheet that needs to be folded to be read. However, in terms of your website, it is the area of the page that can be seen before the visitor needs to scroll down. The area above the fold is therefore the first thing that a visitor sees, and must contain enough information and be designed well enough to keep them interested. But this does not mean that you should forget the rest of the page. Careful design and well written content takes the visitor beyond the fold, where they should encounter what it is they came to your site for, and much more besides. Companies that specialise in digital development and web design in Surrey have the skills and experience to encourage the desired behaviour in your visitors. This includes using different page layouts, such as staggered columns. Here, the content is in columns of different lengths, meaning that there is always at least one image or text block that is broken by the fold. If enough interest has been created, this is enough to encourage the visitor to scroll down.

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