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Web Design Companies In Berkshire Know Navigation Is Key

Web design companies in Berkshire come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from freelance designers through to large agencies. Whichever type of designer you select to help you with your next business website, be sure they know what they’re talking about when it comes to website navigation for your site.

Put simply, navigation in terms of your website design is how easy it is for people to find the things they need on your website and to move around with minimal effort. Some websites are all over the place, with no logical page hierarchy and links that fall flat on their faces. A good web design Surrey based agency will be able to design your website with a sensible structure in mind. This means that call to action buttons on your site will be fully clickable, for example, and designed to be as eye catching as possible. When your user clicks through to another page, it links to the information they thought it would and doesn’t go off on a tangent. The best web design Berkshire based options also recognise and implement the “three clicks rule”, whereby customers can find the information they want from your site in just three clicks. Designing a website like this, especially for a local business with many facets, can be complicated. Professional web designers deal with such issues on a daily basis and are brilliantly placed to help you find solutions to your website design issues. Put your trust in one of them for great results.

At Immersive Media, we know how important creating an excellent user experience is for our business clients. As one of the most effective web design companies in Berkshire, we have a strong record of delivering quality websites to our clients. You can call 020 8644 99 22 to learn more or visit our site at