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Responsive Web Design Surrey Wide Is Essential To Retaining Visitors

Responsive web design Surrey wide needs to be something that any professional web design agency you work with takes seriously. Responsive design can mean the difference between retaining visitors that become valued customers and losing out to a rival company. Here, we explore why this is the case.

Visitors to websites have little patience for your pages to load. If the page does not fully load in a matter of milliseconds, they close your site and move on to your competitor. Load speeds are just one of the things that responsive design can aid with. A page that is designed specifically for a desktop computer is unlikely to load properly, let alone quickly, on a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Surrey web design agencies understand this and can develop your site so that it instantly recognises the type and size of device it is being opened on. As well as meaning that the pages load quickly, it means that they load more efficiently, so graphics are automatically resized; text is ordered correctly; and menus still make sense and are aligned with the right buttons. Of course, there is an alternative to responsive design. You could go down the route of having different web designs for each type of device that your site is likely to be opened on. However, as any good web design Surrey based company will tell you, this is not cost effective or feasible over the long term. One of the main reasons for this is the growing number of different devices and operating systems that are available on the market.

For a web design agency that understands the need for responsive web design Surrey wide, you need Immersive Media. Our team understand your visitors and what it is they are looking for in a website. Learn more about us at, or give us a call on 020 8644 99 22.