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Freelance Web Designer Surrey Wide Choices Should Include Tech Support

Freelance web designer Surrey based options can be an effective way of getting a new business website up and running. However, if you want someone you can turn to if your website later runs into trouble or you need assistance with other aspects of your digital strategy, you really need to consult an agency.

Technical support for websites and digital marketing is something you don’t recognise you need until the very moment you need it. For example, many web design Surrey based agencies offer ongoing technical support and maintenance packages. Small businesses especially, though, often elect to take their chances without these contracts, unable to commit to the extra expenditure. This can leave them in a bind if something goes wrong. Fortunately, there are some web design Guildford based companies that have recognised the need for affordable pay as you go strategies for technical support. They offer ad hoc support for local businesses as and when they need it, without tying small businesses into contracts they can ill afford. This technical support can range from issues with the actual website to domain and email problems. It’s unlikely that your average freelance web designer will have the knowledge and skills to offer this level of support, so this is where working with an agency can really be beneficial. Direct contact with a professional agency from the outset may also limit the amount of technical support you need in the long run, as they have access to more experience from the very beginning of the website design process.

At Immersive Media, we are proud of our reputation for technical support across Surrey. Our pay as you go tech support options beat those of any freelance web designer Surrey wide and our rates are extremely competitive. You can learn more via our website at or, alternatively, call 020 8644 99 22 for a chat with one of our experts.