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These days there are lots of search marketing suppliers and in order to generate sales they offer sales gimmicks such as “money back guarantees”. In most cases, these guarantees are highly conditional which allows the supplier to get out of the agreement without actually returning money. Or in some extreme cases, the SEO vendor can use unethical SEO tactics to get short term results. This will cause your website to be banned by the search engines. Once a site is banned, it can take many years to appear back in search engines. So be careful when your supplier is promising a money back guarantee.

Pay Per Click adverts are the paid or sponsored text listings you typically see on right hand side of search results. You can control the ad copy and link to a URL within your website.

Good Search Engine Optimisation is the key to ensuring your website reaches the right people at the right time. The bottom line: better SEO, better sales. With over 25 billion pages on Google alone, making sure that visitors find your website is a tough challenge. Competition is fierce for the top listings, yet without regular visitors your site might as well not exist.

Search Engine Optimisation is an art and science of constructing your website code and copy in such a way that search engines like them and as a result rank your pages highly for relative search terms. If all goes well your website will be listed on first page of search engine’s free listings also called as “natural” or “organic” listings.

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