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Ecommerce Web Design Surrey – Five Things It Should Include

Ecommerce web design Surrey wide needs to be taken seriously if your business is to compete locally, nationally or globally. The right ecommerce website means your business can think as big, or as small, as it chooses. Here are five things that any good web designer should include to help you achieve your vision.

The most obvious thing that any ecommerce site needs is excellent security. If your site does not have this in place, visitors will not trust you. Your Surrey web design agency should be able to determine the best security for you, while ensuring that you meet the legal requirements for the countries in which you trade. Next you need a check out and payment system. One of the easiest places to lose customers in the sales cycle is at this final step. Check out should be as quick and simple as possible. Your web design Surrey based company shouldn’t add too many steps; and while you, of course, want to encourage further purchases, it is better to have a happy customer who buys one thing from you, and then comes back time and again. Offers are best left to a follow up email campaign. This is the third thing that your designer should be able to set up for you. Email marketing is an essential part of any ecommerce site. Web design for your ecommerce site is not just about the site itself. It is also about how easy you are to find. Therefore, numbers four and five need to be good SEO and effective branding. You need to be as high up in those search results as possible, and be instantly recognisable.

One company that provides all five of these elements and much more is Immersive Media. We are a highly-experienced ecommerce web design Surrey based agency that helps businesses sell more and reach more potential customers. Visit us at or call 020 8644 99 22 to see what we can do for you.