How to write a Google review for a business

Google reviews

Google reviews are really helpful to other internet users, you can write a review about any website or business that is registered with Google. Your opinion can influence many potential customers by helping them understand the quality of the service you received.

Below we will explain in a step by step how to easily write a review for business on Google.

First you will need to log into your Google Account.

A Google Account is created automatically when you create a Gmail email account. So if you a ‘[email protected]’ email then you have a Google Account. If you have an Android Smart Phone you’re more than likely to have a Gmail email and account.

If you don’t have a Google account or Gmail email then to write a review you need just a Google account  which at the same time you can create a Google email should you wish this can be done by  creating your account here

Reviewing a business

Step 1: Log into you Google account:

Step 2: Then perform a Google search for the business you’d like to review you can do this by simply going to:  searching for the business, and then you will see in the search results on the right-hand for the business  a mini Google business description

Step 3: Towards the bottom of the right-hand business Google description there is a ‘Write a review’ button  which you can click to then write your review

Step 4: The final step is as easy as selecting  the five star rating and then writing a useful description of your experience with the company and their services.

Step 5: Finally click post and that’s it you’re all done!

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