Why is a mobile friendly website important for businesses?

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It’s quite likely you’ve heard a lot about ensuring your business website mobile friendly and “responsive”.

The tech savvy reading this will probably understand what this means but for a lot of business owners and people looking for mobile website design it may be a confusing area.

What is a responsive website?

Going back to the basics of how websites are technically created for many years before mobile devices such as your iPhone or iPad became popular websites never required the need to fit into a smaller screen size. This is noticeable when you look at a website on your mobile device and you find it looks very small and you have to keep zooming in and out to view move around the website and view the content.

For obvious reasons it’s distracting and difficult for your potential customers to find out about your services, more importantly it’s putting your competitors who are mobile friendly above your business. Unfortunately this is true, Google favours websites that are mobile optimised which means if your business website isn’t mobile compatible it will possibly be removed from the search results or displayed lower down, for a user who is searching for your services on a mobile device.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should have a responsive friendly website:

  1. It allows users to seamlessly navigate your website on any device, mobile or otherwise
  2. Google will not penalise your website, it will in fact put you above competitors who are not mobile friendly
  3. Users are now accustomed to viewing and using mobile friendly websites
  4. Over 50% of users use mobile devices to search for services
  5. You are future proofing your website

Making your website mobile friendly, is something we have performed for many customers so should you need any advice or information regarding this then we’re here to help, contact us on 020 8644 99 22

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