The type of hosting company you select is important for many reasons, including website speed" />

What type of hosting is suitable for your website?

The type of hosting company you select is important for many reasons, including website speed, storage space and general reliability. There are thousands of web hosting companies and providers with a myriad of offers and options so it’s important to make the best informed choice when selecting your website and email hosting supplier.

Free Website Hosting

At the bottom of the list there is free web hosting, which does exactly what it says on the tin and is free of charge although you will probably find some type of revenue earning add-ons such as adverts or pop-ups and is very likely that a lot of the features will be capped or not available which you would expect from paid for services.

Shared server hosting

This is one of the most common forms of website and email hosting. Typically your website will be hosted along with many others on one server, therefore you’re sharing the server with multiple websites.

This works well in most circumstances for typical brochure and content managed websites. For websites which require higher amounts of server RAM or server processing power such as big e-commerce shops or dynamic websites you may find that the requirements on the server will be capped and will prevent the website functioning correctly. Therefore only VPS or dedicated server hosting would be the only viable option available.

VPS website hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting is a step below dedicated server hosting, it is similar to shared website hosting where there are multiple websites hosted on one server machine, although the difference here is that each website is assigned a certain amount of server processor, RAM, hard drive and along with its own individual operating system.

Apart from the obvious assigned resources such as processor and RAM which ensures you can always expect a certain performance, you were also able to login to the desktop for your server area and manage all the settings on your server area as though you are controlling the whole machine. This gives website owners who need more control over software and hardware settings on the server exactly what they need without having to rent a dedicated server.

Dedicated website hosting

Renting a dedicated server provides you with your own server which hosts only your website. You have full use of the server’s processing power, memory, operating system and software installed on the server. Another major differences you can gain access to any part of the service operating system settings which will allow you to adjust any of the server settings when required. This provides website owners complete control over the software, hardware server configuration and setup. Dedicated servers are the recommended option  when you have processor hungry and memory intensive website functions occurring on a daily basis.

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