What to consider when making a WordPress Website

WordPress is a constantly growing content management system platform that is gaining massive use within throughout thousands of websites on a daily basis. Its popularity is due to its ease of use, the ability to set up a WordPress website using standard themes within a few hours and hundreds of thousands of contributors updating and integrating plug-ins on a daily basis.

You would be able to write a book on how to create a successful WordPress website or integration within your current website, we will just hit on some of the basic and important areas to consider.

Site Title, SEO and Meta tags

Make sure you make good use of the site title, as this can be populated in the home pages title meta tag and if you leave it empty it will hamper your website search engine results from the get go. There are some great plug-ins to manage the search engine optimisation and meta tags for your website such as the All in one seo pack which has some great features including the ability to insert meta tags on each page of your website and dealing with website canonicalization.

Google analytics and social media

You want to tell the whole world about your website and find out if the whole world is looking at your website, right? Two plug-ins you certainly would want to take advantage of are Google analytics for WordPress and one of the hundreds of social media plug-ins available such as AddThis. The Google analytics plug-in will allow you to insert your Google analytics code and set various settings for how your website should be monitored. Social media plug-ins will allow you to link to all your social media pages and also allow your customers to like, tweet or Google +1 your website and posts, a very useful tool in any online marketeers’ Toolbox

Hacking,  Security and Spammers

Every day vulnerabilities are found within open source systems and website code, along with hackers devising new ways to access websites and inject malware and viruses. Therefore one of the most important aspects of the website should be the site security. There are many plug-ins available which provide all sorts of malware and security protection. Some of the best ones include Better WP Security, Wordfence Security and TrackBack validation.

However you proceed sometimes a quick search on Google will provide you with some useful information and top 10 lists of plug-ins you may want to incorporate. Happy Plugin!

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