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The Internet is a fast moving arena, which also includes the way in which websites are designed, the visual appearance and how it interacts with the end-user.

When we took on our latest clients accountancy website re-design: we looked at setting the standard for the latest design ideas and methods in which to generate more sales and interact with the end-user.

If you’re an accountant or an accountancy firm looking to either create your own website or commission a web design agency to build on your behalf here are the most important factors to consider when creating a new website.

1. Monthly or one-off web design purchase?

The £99 a month deals seem enticing but we don’t need to teach accountants how to suck eggs and work out the maths. Signing up to a build your own website you are effectively in a continuous monthly contract for your website, which will soon outweigh the cost of having a bespoke website built by a web design agency which you then have ownership of. Not to mention you are unable to transfer your website away to your own host or web design agency.

2. DIY websites

There are many systems out there that let you create your own website working from templates and using an online website builder. These are great if you want to make something simple for your wedding or something personal – then these can make do. The main problem with the do-it-yourself websites is that they are hosted and controlled by that supplier, you are restricted by what they allow you to perform on the website and you will never own the website or be able to transfer it away.

Even if you were happy with a website on this basis, the limitation on what you can do will extremely limit your optimisation within the search engines – in a nutshell it will be very hard to optimise the website and run a comprehensive marketing campaign for the business.

3. A standard brochure website?

it seems like everything is now web-based, what we can do now, on our smart phones was unheard-of five years ago. Websites are no different, potential customers have limited time and it’s important the website interacts with the customer providing relevant information but also important features such as quick quoting mechanism, pricing packages, marketing videos and
engaging content illustrating your unique selling points which lead to a call to action. Hopefully gaining a new customer via the website

4. Choose the right system for the job

The nature of computers and code means there’s limitless systems and coding frameworks to create a system by, so chances are if gather 10 web developers together each of them would create the same website using different code, methods and systems.

The size of website and complexity will dictate the system type, but it’s important the system used is up to the job. WordPress is a fantastic system for most general business websites,  it’s a fantastic content management system that the end-user can intuitively pick up and use, whilst also combining thousands of useful plug-ins that can add unlimited functionality to the website or business

5. Ensure your content and website is optimised

This is probably a gripe of any good web design agency – around 20% of customers that require a new website have come from a previous web design company or web designer who unfortunately provided a basic website, normally in terms of design but more importantly all of the important areas behind the scenes that ensure the website run well, keep it secure, ensure it loads fast, loads well on mobile devices correctly and most importantly optimising the website for its base of keywords for the business and its marketplace. Unfortunately a proportion of web designers and web agencies sometimes are one trick ponies without a varied skillset with websites, design and online marketing aspect, without this it’s a likely recipe for disaster.

Whether you’re just after more information or need help with your website get in touch with us and make up your own mind on how we are able to  empower you to maximise your website and business marketing endeavours.

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