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We Pride Ourselves as Being a Major Freelance Web Designer in Surrey

In our small enclave in the UK, we at Immersive Media pride ourselves as being a major freelance web designer in Surrey. We understand that today it is just as important for viewers to connect with your website on a PC as well as on a smartphone.

Amenities That We Feature

That’s why, as a freelance web designer in Surrey,we understand the importance of featuring amenities such as SEO as well as free site and e-mail hosting. We also know that a web design cannot be implemented without setting up business pages for social media or a news or blog area. However, all those benefits will not mean much if the site designs for you PC and smartphones are not compatible with each of the individually sized screens.

Smartphone and PC Website Designs – Not the Same Thing

Therefore, as a freelance web designer in Surrey, we make sure that the site design for the smartphone is different than what is used on a PC. After all, when people are using their smartphone, they are scrolling down most of the time. People utilizing PC’s however, generally do not have the patience to keep scrolling. That is why each site design must accommodate the electronic device for which it is formatted. Otherwise, compiling and sharing content will soon become ineffective to both the receiver and sender.
When securing web design services then, you not only have to look at the specific design services being offered, you also must look at such benefits as domain name, free hosting, professional logo design. Also, what are the standard website designer packages? Our site features a five to ten page site design, a content managed site with unlimited pages, and an online shop or CMS with unlimited pages. We want to make sure that you receive the site you are seeking and that site visitors will find you too.

Our Happy Customers