Trends in Custom Website Design Focus on Unique Solutions

At Immersive Media, we believe our name does, indeed, say it all because we provide various ways to for web owners to connect with their intended base of customers. While you can choose from one of our standard website packages, we can also create a custom website design that meets with specific customer preferences and business objectives.

Oversized Brands

For example, oversized brands or logos combined with an oversized header is a popular look. Why shouldn’t it be? After all, the added size increases brand recognition just that much more – leaving one of those lasting impressions that promise additional visits from site viewers. Our efforts in custom website design won’t go in vain as long as the site is living up to its owner’s intended purpose – namely gaining company recognition and a standing locally.


We can also provide bespoke solutions in the form of sketched images. While this type of design element does not concentrate on the design of the site, it can be utilised to personalise regular copy, thereby becoming an integral part of a site’s style. The idea of the sketch is to create a contrast between a custom website design and personal interaction.
Slab Typefaces
In addition to creating headers we also understand the importance of using slab typefaces – styles of writing that appear capitalized and imposing. In bespoke solutions, the lettering is often seen on large or oversized logos.


Speaking of typefaces, we, at Immersive Media, can also create headers that feature typography instead of images. Utilising typography as a main design element often attracts more interest than site that highlights several large images. The whole idea is to engage the site visitor and compel him to interact, not only by utilising the navigational tools but to influence his behavior with the site’s images and lettering too.

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