Popular Ecommerce Web Design Packages

Ecommerce is recognised as a platform through which both small businesses and global corporations can reach customers across the world. But how do you attract the right customers to your ecommerce site? The answer is ecommerce web design. At Immersive Media we offer several ecommerce solutions that are designed to benefit you. Three of the most popular include open source, bespoke, and WordPress ecommerce solutions.

Open Source Ecommerce Solutions

The advantage of open source ecommerce web design over other solutions that we offer is the low cost. You can get a variety of different features, without having to pay a lot for your platform. You also have access to a wide variety of developers that can provide you with tips. The disadvantage of this type of platform is a lack of high levels of customizability.

Bespoke Ecommerce Solutions

At Immersive Media our most commonly purchased ecommerce porducts are handbuilt bespoke solutions.Bespoke solutions are built from the ground up, especially to meet the needs of your company. The largest disadvantage of bespoke ecommerce solutions is that they are significantly more expensive than other ecommerce solutions. However, if customizability is what you are after, they are the best possible choice to make your ecommerce site stand out.

WordPress Ecommerce Solutions

Another ecommerce solution we frequently offer at Immersive Media is WordPress content management. WordPress allows a good amount of customizability, and it is a great starting point for ecommerce shops. WordPress and similar content management websites have the advantages of updating regularly and offering a high level of security. The disadvantage of this type of ecommerce web design is that you are limited on the amount of content that you can provide. They are also not quite as customizable as bespoke ecommerce solutions.

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