Why you should opt for a bespoke business website

good creative skills should be used when designing a bespoke website as it will always provide a better end product then re-using a template

We are all aware a website is the business online shop window, which can either make or break a potential sale within the digital arena. Savvy business owners will understand that first impressions are important and is just the first step to reaching out to potential customers.

Template web design? Or bespoke web design?

So how does this affect the business when they look to commission a web design company for a website? In terms of the process used to create the visual appearance of the website there are two popular terms, “bespoke” and “template” web design.

What is template web design?

This is a route taken by many web design companies or freelancers where they may not have the resources or skill set to produce a unique design, or they are attempting to cut costs and reduce the time and effort required to produce their customers’ websites. Commonly these templates can be of poor design to begin with and are then adjusted accordingly for each customer thereafter, with every iteration there is likely to be a reduction in quality and passion. Ultimately a business could end up with a website that looks like a hundred other websites.

What is bespoke web design?

This is the route we opt for as web design company. The first step is listening to our customers, fact finding, research and then pour our passion into a professionally designed prototype. This ensures we will produce a unique and beautiful design as it hasn’t been replicated from a previous design,  we ensure it is created around the businesses initial requirements, objectives and creative aspirations – not a design adapted to best fit the customer’s needs.

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