Maximising your video marketing with Google Hangout

One of the most overlooked areas of digital marketing is using video. You will now find video marketing becoming a lot more commonplace with research showing Google being 50 times more likely to show up for video content for a Google search.

One of the best ways to engage with your customers is via Google Hangouts on air. The hangout hangouts on air facility allows you to broadcast a live video with an unlimited audience. All videos are automatically saved within your YouTube account which then provides you with a URL or code to embed your video anywhere you wish.

There are many ways you can make use of this facility to connect with your customers, some of these include:

  1.  New product launches or services you would like to make your customers aware of.
  2. Customer service or question and answer sessions which is sure to gain customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Training sessions which allow for that human touch whilst in separate locations.

As you want on your online videos to help your online marketing its important to carry out keyword research beforehand making sure the chosen keywords appear in your title and description text of the video uploaded, whilst also using them within your actual video.

The next step is to grow your audience by getting as many people as possible to share your video and of course adding the video to your playlist in your you Tube channel.

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