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Learning About Keyword Targeting and Research Without Exact Match

Google’s AdWords tool recently removed exact-match keyword targeting, making keyword research a lot harder. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure you are choosing the best keywords. There are a few main things you can experiment with to see which works best for you and your keyword needs.

Google Suggest

When you start to type something into the search bar, Google Suggest comes up with a variety of popular searches related to the term. For example, if you begin typing “fish sauce” it will suggest things like “fish sauce Portland” and “fish sauce recipes.” This gives you an idea about what people Googling are looking for with different search terms. You can develop your keywords based on these or use them to generate new topic ideas for articles and blog posts.

Google Analytics

If you are using Google Analytics on your website, you can track down the keywords that are bringing searchers to your website. You can see how these are performing and even where the searches are originating from. For example, you can find the most popular keywords that bring people to your site in the United States, Mexico and other countries throughout the world.

Broaden Keyword Targeting

When you are considering keywords, you should think like a typical Internet searcher. Consider their intent when they type in a keyphrase. For example, when they are typing in “fish sauce,” do they want recipes, brands or just some general information about this sauce? If you can get into the heads of a regular Internet searcher, you can better target your keywords and use them more effectively on your website.

Look at Bing/Yahoo! Referrals

These referrals can give you a general idea about how certain keywords are performing. This is best when you want to look at the success of the most important keywords you are using on your website. It will help you to determine if your keywords are getting you quality traffic to your website.

After you figure out which keyword methods work best for you, keep an eye on their progress. This is because Google changes things often and what works now may not continue to work in the future. Keep evaluating your personal keyword strategies to ensure you are only using those that are successful. You can also discuss your strategy with an expert, such as those at Immersive Media.

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