How to Protect Yourself from a Disappointing Freelance Web Designer in Surrey

We don’t like to admit it, but with the right training, anyone could design and develop a website. Especially given the technology available to us today, someone can build their own website in hours. Unfortunately, as we at Immersive Media have found, this has also lead to the rise of the less-than-reputable freelance web designer in Surrey.

No one likes to be cheated, and no company wants to have a hideous website that hurts their brand image more than it helps. Below is how you can spot a bad freelance web designer in Surrey:

1. The Designer Has Poor Communication Skills

Communication is paramount to the building of a successful and satisfactory website. We at Immersive Media are in constant contact with all of our clients, asking questions and responding to opinions. If the freelancer you’re interested in is not so keen on returning phone calls or emails, look elsewhere fast.

2. The Designer Doesn’t Share Your Vision

The freelance web designer in Surrey must have a vision which aligns with yours. They should actively listen to what you want, understand your wants and needs, and then be able to share in your vision. If you find that the designer continually rejects ideas or is unwilling to do them, opt for a new designer.

3. The Designer Must Be Organised

Freelancers in any industry are given free rein to determine their schedule. While beneficial in many ways, it also means that the less organised few may give deadlines and dates which they cannot stick to. The freelancer of your choosing must demonstrate outstanding organisation in order to be selected for your project. Otherwise you will be stuck with missed deadlines, delayed projects, and ultimately lose more money because of the mistakes of another.

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