How to create a successful online store in 2017

online shop for building supplies

As every year goes by there’s new advancements in frameworks, coding and online shops. More and more improvements move towards good usability for the end customer ensuring they have a quick route to purchase and browse products which is just one of the many fundamentals which are indicative to a successful online store. Considering the online store in the screenshot above we have implemented must have features and functions for an online store in 2017 which is discussed in further detail here: .

Get the design of your online store right

Starting with the design, it’s commonplace to have a light and airy feel, which means it’s best avoiding dark colours you want the customer to remain on the online store and feel relaxed whilst they browse your products and hopefully make a purchase. Part of a light and airy design is space – so lots of white background area and it’s ideal to have equal spacing between each of the elements ensuring they’re not too close to each other making the design feel cluttered.

Typography is paramount to a successful online store

Long gone are the days of drop shadows and fussy fonts. Potential customers just don’t have the time or the inclination to navigate messy fonts or all colours with little contrast. Modern clean fonts with a complementing colour palette to the website colour scheme is ideal and will finish off any modern online store design.

All products within two clicks of your online store

Navigation and accessing products must be quick and easy and part of this is ensuring the website architecture and link architecture is in such a way that a user can arrive at their product with minimal clicks. Features we have used in the example illustrate this with quick buy and add to cart buttons on every product thumbnail before even having to venture into the product page.

One click checkout and purchasing

It’s been proved that having to enter in multiple lines of personal information and address information will actually cause users to abandon their cart, in our online store example above we ensured that a user can add to cart in one click then proceed to checkout within the next click, whilst having to fill in the very basic of personal information with features such as auto populating the address fields and other fields automatically.

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