How to create an HTML Page

There are many applications and software designed for trading and editing website pages although every computer has application called notepad or WordPad which you can use to create a webpage.

To create an HTML webpage you will need a minimum of the following HTML tags:
<!doctype> <title> <html> <head> <body>

Your first page of the website that the web browser will load when it visits your website should be called index.html

The file name can’t contain any spaces but can contain the following:
Letters a-z, A-Z Numbers 0-9 Hyphens (-) Underscores (_)

This best practice to make sure the filename is all lowercase whilst trying to keep the filename as short as possible.

There’s two extensions you can use which are .html and .htm

When naming other pages, for search engine optimisation purposes  it makes sense to name them according to the pages content so for a website selling website design services it makes much more sense to name the page website-design-services.html as opposed to services.html

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