How to choose a website hosting supplier

What to look for when choosing a website hosting provider

There are many features, options and one click software installs available from any hosting company so you normally won’t be short on bells and whistles. Listed below are the important nuts and bolts of website hosting that should be the deciding factors when comparing different providers

Disk Space

All of the files that make up your website when added together will take up a certain amount of disk space. For a typical brochure type website 5 MB is an average file size for your website. Some hosting providers will limit The amount of hard drive space you’re allowed with some as low as 500 MB. An ideal amount for a website of this size is a minimum of 500 MB. Any other type of website which requires more space or is dynamic you should look for at least 5000 MB or unlimited. You may not use it all, but it’s always good to know you have this storage space should you require it all of a sudden


Making sure that you have enough bandwidth . Bandwidth is the amount of data which can be sent to your website visitors. Every time a visitor views your website which is 5 MB in size,  they will use 5 MB of bandwidth. What if your provider only offers you 500 MB of bandwidth per month? That allows you a maximum of 100 visitors potentially. It is recommended to have a minimum of at least 5 GB of bandwidth per month.

Control panel

The control panel is the area where you manage and configure all of your website and email settings and other related functions. It’s important that it’s a user-friendly platform and that you can use the system easily without requiring additional technical support.

Email functionality Some hosting providers will limit the amount of email accounts, which can be quite limiting for obvious reasons. You would also want to look out for providers that offer auto responders, spam filters and newsletter functions as this all helps with your company marketing and email security.


For dynamic websites that require a database to store and communicate data to and from you will require a host that can provide this with both Linux and Windows versions of the databases for PHP and ASP websites.

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