How much does a business website cost?

Website cost

The prices of a website can vary depending on a number of factors, but before we start discussing these factors let’s look into how a website is created.
Firstly, you do not need to pay extortionate costs for high quality work but on the other hand you generally pay for what you get, something that is priced 50% under the general market rates, can only mean that somewhere along the line something is being skimped upon.

Some areas that are sacrificed with cut price websites:

  • Is the website being graphically designed?
  • Is a template being used which is just being adjusted to suit your logo and colours?
  • Are they a bedroom designer? (Will they answer the phone? Disappear forever?)
  • Is much attention being paid to the on page search engine optimisation? (The difference between being on page 10, or page 1 of Google)
  • Generally a good website takes a certain amount of hours to create so a website that’s extremely cheap is likely that corners are being cut, and typically these cost savings can actually cost more in the long run then creating a good website to begin with.

On one side you have what website developers call the “front end”. This is the visual appearance of the website, what you actually see when viewing it on a screen, this part of the website is designed by a graphic designer and later converted into a version that is interactive and used by the end user which is achieved by combining the graphical design with the development code.

The other side of the website is called the “bank end”. This part is where everything is coded and developed which provides the physical working output of the website. A website can be developed using a number of softwares, Frameworks, programming languages and code. Just one example of the website framework which is a popular solution for editing websites is called WordPress. It provides an easy to use interface for website owners to update and manage their website content which is by far the most intuitive system available.

So now that we understand the two web design and development stages let’s look into the factors that can vary prices.

Website frontend development factors that affect costs

There are a number of options to choose from when designing the front end. First it’s recommended that any new website is responsive in design. A responsive website means mobile friendly, ensuring that a website will adjust in size and layout to display correctly on whatever smart phone or tablet device its being viewed on. Having a mobile friendly website is a must have as Google penalises non-mobile friendly websites by decreasing the rankings it displays for mobile users, so a non-mobile friendly website may not even be displayed within the Google search results when a user is on a smart phone or tablet performing a Google search.

Another price factor is the size of a website and the number of custom made single pages. Normally a website requires a lot of thought and hours to custom design the homepage, then throughout the website in the other inner pages a familiar theme and design to the home page is utilised in these inner pages. If a website requires many unique custom made pages, the web design and development hours will increase and therefore prices will also increase, so the size and level of customisation will also have an impact on price.

Attention to detail. Websites generally have a standard amount of hours that is utilised for the graphical design and development of the website. However for customers that want to stand out against their competitors, or have a leading brand that requires a top, senior designer where attention to detail is imperative – this will increase the design timeframe and costs.

Therefore when a website is designed with top end attention to detail this in turn requires a level of design talent to match the expected quality of design. It’s not just about the quality of the design talent that’s the only important factor when creating a good graphical design. It’s also the quality of research and thought processes behind understanding the business, website, sector and what elements when put together, create a high quality professional graphical design. Once again, this is an influential factor for the cost of a website.

Website Backend development factors that affect costs

When it comes to backend development, the first thing you need is a Content Management System. A CMS is a must have in any modern website, it makes simple changes very easy to do, allowing website owners to easily change or update text and images throughout a website so you can also easily create new pages and insert news and blog articles. Another factor is the type and complexity of the website you require.

  • Is it a general business sales/brochure website?
  • A dynamic website that requires custom programming?
  •  is it a comprehensive e-commerce online shop?

Whether you’re looking for a standard website or an e-commerce website, the costing varies for each solution. Even within the solution there’s further developing that can depend upon the amount of pages you may require, or the complexity of the functionalities.

Developing an e-commerce website can vary depending upon a virtually never ending list of functions and capabilities that can be implemented. Every new bit of functionality or features required will increase development time and testing, therefore all this will influence in the development costs of the e-commerce website.

Bespoke websites built to specification

Most websites are store front websites for businesses products or services. Bespoke custom made websites are required when a business has initialised product or service that requires unique custom bespoke coding and development from the ground up to achieve their website or objectives.

Typical businesses and websites which require this type of service, web design and development include, but are not limited to:

  • Estate agents
  • Car dealers
  • Hotels
  • Car rental
  • Online services like Classifieds or dating websites

All these types of websites require custom databases with unique functions that allow customers/users to either search their online database for homes, book a hotel room or search for their required service. Custom websites require a lot more planning, analysis, coding and testing due to the unique features and levels of customisation. Prices will vary subject to what requires developing and configuring in order to create a custom made website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) back end development

A good website SEO configuration is vital for the success of any website. If a websites SEO is not configured correctly this will have a direct impact on a websites Google ranking and will directly have an impact on business revenue and  profitability. Therefore due to its importance its totaly recommended that your SEO back end development and setup is done professionally.

Conclusion of website prices and costs

Referring to our earlier saying “you get what you pay for”, you can probably find somebody willing to build a website for £500, but be aware that the website will just be a simple page site with no professional back end development and will probably be ranked very low in Google. Ideally a business owner should commission a web design agency to develop your new website making sure that they are competent in website design and search engine optimisation services.

All this can be the difference between having a successful online business or not.

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