Custom Website Design Is Going Responsive

Responsive websites is what we at Immersive Media are placing a greater focus on when creating the next greatest custom website design. What our team has come to quickly realise is that custom website design isn’t about keeping up with the competitor – it’s about beating them to the punch. This is exactly what responsive web design allows businesses to do any time, and anywhere.

What Is Responsive Custom Website Design?

  • Their smartphone
  • Their tablet
  • Their laptop
  • Their home computer

Many are also accessing your website through televisions!

There are a number of reasons why our team recommends responsive custom website design for all businesses across all industries:

1) You’re Always Accessible

Pairing a standard website up with a smartphone means forcing potential customers to squint and struggle to read your content, click on tiny links and become frustrated when attempting to navigate your site. What do these potential customers do? They leave your site.

Our team creates responsive sites to ensure that you are accessible, regardless of who found you and how. This allows you to expand your business and really take advantage of what it means to be an online business that is open 24-hours a day to a global market.

2) It’s Easier to Manage

Several of our Immersive Media clients prefer to manage their own websites. Having to manage one for desktop users, one for mobile users, and one for tablet users is a massive drain on time and company resources. By bringing all sites together, you are only needing to manage one site, one campaign, and one set of content as opposed to multiple.

Our Happy Customers