Content marketing for businesses explained

Content marketing explained

Content marketing is a popular term that’s heard quite often although does everyone really know what it means?

Content marketing definition

It is the creation and sharing of content that is digitally delivered, this could include blog stories, articles or videos or anything else that educates, entertains  or helps inform about something of interest.

How content marketing helps businesses

By now we’ve had enough of advertising so companies now know they have two employ more subtle techniques. We probably notice this less as businesses and companies are taking advantage of helpful, interesting content which could be information on how to do something but along the way it will be subtly selling or promoting a service.

Reaching Out to your customers with relevant content

We think it’s better to provide useful information that you believe your customers are interested in reading about and also help bridge the connection between company and customer.

People today do a whole lot more research before they decide to make a purchase or choose a company, study has shown that nearly 60% of the actual sales cycle was performed even before the seller is involved, with these sorts of differences in customer behaviour nowadays the way businesses market to customers also has to follow suit.

What content should you provide your customer?

Think of the buyer’s journey all the potential customer’s journey, what information do they need to know, what information are they using or compiling to make a choice?

With all these questions answered set about and make content which might be a video content  “how to” or a free e-book download, submitting articles on forums or creating your own blog and newsletter is another great way to keep in touch with your customers.

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