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My Traffic Is Non-Existent. How Can Our Web Site Design in Surrey Services Help?

A web site never viewed by any real potential customers will not do your business any good. Companies which exist strictly as online vendors will quickly find themselves in trouble if there is no traffic coming to their site. You are unable to make sales if people can’t find you. Even established physical businesses benefit from having a proper web site design in Surrey, simply because you never know what search term may lead a potential customer to your site.

How Can Design Increase Traffic?

For your business, proper web site design in Surrey takes much more than just throwing up a picture here and there. Many people tend to think of design as being artwork. While this is partially true, there are other elements combined in the process. Some clients of Immersive Media want their site to be as attractive as possible, having us incorporate all of the latest marketing trends in imagery and colour, focusing on many bells and whistles. Others prefer the most simple and basic approach. Whichever one appeals to you, our design team will ensure it is the perfect representation of your vision.

We Know About Colour Psychology

Different colours affect people in different ways, especially relating to emotions. By using strategically placed colour choices, we can match each section with the expectations you have. These are among the top colours that we use in our designing and why: Blue: Blue is the colour which makes people feel comfortable and at ease. It also increases trust because customers are more relaxed. Red: This vibrant colour helps people to focus and stay alert. It grabs their attention but is best used subtlety. Green: The truth of the matter is that the colour green makes people want to spend money. This subconscious urge can be taken advantage of especially by highlighting prices. Our web site design services in Surrey will pull your site together with the most advanced techniques to ensure a higher retention rate than pages which have not been professionally designed. Let us work our design magic to have your site bursting to the seams with new traffic quickly and affordably.

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Our Web Design Services in Surrey Will Increase Your Business!

Your may believe your business had a great year. Maybe it did, but if you want it to be better,choosing a company such as Immersive Design to upgrade web design in Surrey can result in an increased number of sales. Consumers love to be entertained while they are searching for the products they need, so having an interesting web site is vital to your success. Regardless of which type of business that you have, we can rev up your site to keep your customers on pages longer, increasing your chances that more than one purchase will be made.

How Can You Make My Site Better?

Most people are very visual. They get caught up in vibrant colours, well-written text content, and links which lead to relevant information. One reason why many people do not stay on web sites is because there is no logical arrangement to the pages or the information. If your site does not have a search bar, and customers cannot find what they are looking for quickly, nine times out of ten they will go to another site which is more user-friendly. There are thousands of businesses in the any given area, and proper web design services in Surrey will ensure that customers can find you easily and navigate your pages quickly.

What Exactly Do You Design?

Once we understand the vision you have for your site, we will customize your pages to be optimized for search engines and user-friendliness. Written content is fine, but it rarely holds the interest of customers. By adding in engaging photos, links, payment processors, and social media connections, we will make your site interesting without being “busy.”
Our professional web design services in Surrey will ensure that your site is logically organized so customers can locate the products or information they need to make a purchase easily. We can incorporate ideas into your existing site so you receive the maximum benefit from traffic which comes your way.

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Trends in Custom Website Design Focus on Unique Solutions

At Immersive Media, we believe our name does, indeed, say it all because we provide various ways to for web owners to connect with their intended base of customers. While you can choose from one of our standard website packages, we can also create a custom website design that meets with specific customer preferences and business objectives.

Oversized Brands

For example, oversized brands or logos combined with an oversized header is a popular look. Why shouldn’t it be? After all, the added size increases brand recognition just that much more – leaving one of those lasting impressions that promise additional visits from site viewers. Our efforts in custom website design won’t go in vain as long as the site is living up to its owner’s intended purpose – namely gaining company recognition and a standing locally.


We can also provide bespoke solutions in the form of sketched images. While this type of design element does not concentrate on the design of the site, it can be utilised to personalise regular copy, thereby becoming an integral part of a site’s style. The idea of the sketch is to create a contrast between a custom website design and personal interaction.
Slab Typefaces
In addition to creating headers we also understand the importance of using slab typefaces – styles of writing that appear capitalized and imposing. In bespoke solutions, the lettering is often seen on large or oversized logos.


Speaking of typefaces, we, at Immersive Media, can also create headers that feature typography instead of images. Utilising typography as a main design element often attracts more interest than site that highlights several large images. The whole idea is to engage the site visitor and compel him to interact, not only by utilising the navigational tools but to influence his behavior with the site’s images and lettering too.

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We Offer Web Design in Surrey That Is Next to None

Here, at Immersive Media, we really don’t mind bragging about what we can do in the field of SEO and web design services in Surrey. After all, the packages we offer are pretty impressive solutions, whether a customer is opting for a website that features five to 10 pages or prefers a CMS design with unlimited pages and content.

One of Our Popular Design Packages

If you are a new business, then we, at Immersive Media, suggest you make your presence known by opting for one of our 5 to 10 page website platforms – one of the sites that have given us, you might say, a distinct reputation in SEO and web design in Surrey as well as the surrounding landscape. Our 5 to 10 page site is offered with search engine optimisation services for a period of three months. A domain name comes with the site and site users are availed with a year’s worth of unlimited hosting for their site and e-mail.

Look at the Benefits

Consider the other advantages of this kind of site. It features an image area, blog area and a mobile website version of the platform too. You want to have a mobile site version of your web platform as site navigation is different on this kind of screen than it is on a PC. Facebook and Twitter are also included as a part of the site setup. Part of our services in web design in Surrey include providing consultation for any technical or marketing questions a user might have before and after the design of a site.

We also offer professional logo design for your company. We place emphasis on all the items that are important to site owners today who want to increase their profit margin and enhance their customer base. Every web design company provides technologies that increase a customer’s online presence. However, do they also offer logo design or SEO? From our perspective, every site should include these amenities as well.

Elevate Your Brand Online Creatively

Running a business without a website is one mistake no person can afford today. Websites add credibility to your brand, and if they have been optimized for search engines, they also help your clientele list grow exponentially. However, you must be careful while choosing a website designer because poorly designed websites can potentially damage your brand’s image.

Creative is Key

The key to creating any unique or outstanding website is simply the fusion of creativity and technical acumen. Creative web design requires an overall understanding of marketing and design concepts. Immersive Media, based in Surrey, is one of the few companies with this capability. Our expertise includes creative web design that cuts across many business segments. We have provided custom website design services to several happy clients whose business lines range from car dealing to online dating to interior design.

But is Creative Enough?

Simply put, no. The custom website design services provided by our Surrey experts consist of equal parts creativity and technical expertise. We make sure that the website we build is future-proof and coded using professional standards. We also provide ethical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, which help boost your website to the top of leading search engines. All our website packages include free technical support related to hosting and the website itself.

Where Do I Start?

If you are planning to get your business or brand its first website, you may want to consider keeping it concise and to the point. Immersive Media offers many convenient website creation packages that you can choose from. If you already have a clear-cut design and the content ready, you can make use of our CMS services, which lets you build your own websites without any advanced computer knowledge.

Remember that just creating any website will not serve any purpose. The website must address all basic concerns of your business creatively.

What are the Benefits of Ecommerce Design?

E-commerce technology is rapidly evolving and advancing, making it hard to keep up. If you are relatively new to this field, consider getting some help from a professional, such as those over at Immersive Media. This will ensure that you are using this technology properly so that you reap the benefits. There are a variety of benefits of ecommerce design that can help you to increase your visitors and your profits, and when you choose to get help from a company like Immersive Media, your chances of success are even higher.

Inexpensive Marketing

When your e-commerce site is well-designed, your marketing costs will be significantly lower because you will be able to quickly and easily promote your site on the Internet. You can use free social media sites, business listings and blogs to market your site for free. Even if you employ someone to do all of your Internet marketing for you, your marketing budget will still be far less expensive than your previous budget. This is one of the biggest benefits of ecommerce design.

Massive Potential for Scale

When you have a well-designed e-commerce site, there are no limits to the potential customers that you can target. The Internet is worldwide so you can reach out and work to attract customers from all over the world. Make sure that when you are designing your site, you optimise it in a way that allows for people of all languages to be able to read it and use it effectively. This will help to bring your website to the global market quickly and effectively so that you can expand your reach and gain clients and customers from all over the world.

Much Lower Overheads

When you focus on your e-commerce site, you will not have to worry about things like utility bills, rent, repairs and other financial responsibilities that come with a physical storefront. You simply pay the fees associated with the design of your site and the upkeep that is necessary. This is far less expensive than the costs associated with running a physical business. The startup costs are also much lower and you can have a well-designed e-commerce website done for well under ten thousand dollars.

Being effective when it comes to e-commerce will help you to be successful in this industry. This is no easy task and it does not happen overnight, so it is important to be patient and keep working at it. As you continue on, you will find that an effective e-commerce design comes with many benefits for your bottom line.

Looking at the Benefits of Custom Logo Design

When it comes to logos & brand design, you want to make sure that you are getting the right kind of attention and Immersive Media can help. You want people to be attracted to your logo so that they see it and immediately think positively about your brand. When you get your logo made professionally, this will help your brand to improve its exposure so that you can take your company to the next level.

Separates Your Business from the Competition

When you are dreaming up what you logos & brand design, you want it to be different from all of the other logos out there. A good logo designer is aware of what other logos are already in use and he can ensure that your logo will be unique. This will ensure that when people see your logo, they will automatically associate it with your brand. This helps to increase your exposure and heighten brand awareness.

Shows Your Brand Values

When you created your brand, you crafted a mission statement and a set of values that your brand abides by. A good logo is representative of these values and it helps people to see what your brand is all about. When you get advert design Surrey services, this will also show your logo. For example, if your values focus more on the luxurious things in life, a more complex and sophisticated logo is going to work best. On the other hand, if your brand represents bargains and living on a budget, you will want your logo to be far simpler so that it naturally conveys this.

Fully Customised Design

When you use a professional company to create your logo, you can get anything that you want. They have access to all of the latest software and design files, ensuring that your logo looks exactly as you dream it should. They can provide you with several different sizes and colour options so that you can choose the best one to represent your brand. They can also help you to make changes to your logo as your brand grows and evolves in the future.

Having your brand or logo design done professionally will ensure that it is noticed. This will attract new potential clients and customers. Professional advertising is also beneficial in helping you to get your company’s name out there. If you are considering advert design Surrey services, make sure that you use a reputable company, such as Immersive Media.

Freelance Web Designer: Affordable, High Quality Web Designer in Surrey

Website design in Surrey is flourishing each day. You will want to design your website in the best way possible to gain the best rankings and to also ensure that your items and information sell at the highest rate in the entire industry.

As e-commerce is winning over the trade industry, a well designed website will enhance the marketability of your products. This is the reason why website designing is becoming better each day and individuals that are skilled in web designing are on high demand every day.

A freelance web designer in Surrey is in no doubt an asset on high demand when compared with other web designers. This is because freelancers are known to be experienced, skilled and very competitive. Additionally, they tend to be recommended by former clients.

Designing Your Website in Surrey

If you are planning on designing your website in Surrey today, there are a number of factors that you will want to consider. First, you will want to find an experienced website design Surrey expert, whether the designer will be training you to design your website or designing it for you. This is an elementary starting point that can be used to dictate your failure or success in the market. Hence, you will want to find a reliable website design Surrey company that will serve you with professional experts in designing. Immersive Media is one of the best website designing companies in Surrey, one that will expertly assist you in designing a top-notch website.

Web Design Services From Immersive Media

Immersive Media offers a wide range of services, starting with website designing. For example, the company provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that will work to attract the many individuals that engage in e-commerce.

Also, Immersive deals with web marketing. This implies that you can make use of the company’s staff to make your business grow online. Consequently, you will be on the way to making more profits.

Immersive Media employs in-house designers and freelancers. These are the freelance web designer Surrey experts that you would want to have involved in your venture. This company will help you establish a logo for your business if you do not have one. Also, it offers other technical and marketing support services. With Immersive’s support, advice and assistance in every step of your web designing, you should courageously start up your business now and have no regrets.

What to consider when making a WordPress Website

WordPress is a constantly growing content management system platform that is gaining massive use within throughout thousands of websites on a daily basis. Its popularity is due to its ease of use, the ability to set up a WordPress website using standard themes within a few hours and hundreds of thousands of contributors updating and integrating plug-ins on a daily basis.

You would be able to write a book on how to create a successful WordPress website or integration within your current website, we will just hit on some of the basic and important areas to consider.

Site Title, SEO and Meta tags

Make sure you make good use of the site title, as this can be populated in the home pages title meta tag and if you leave it empty it will hamper your website search engine results from the get go. There are some great plug-ins to manage the search engine optimisation and meta tags for your website such as the All in one seo pack which has some great features including the ability to insert meta tags on each page of your website and dealing with website canonicalization.

Google analytics and social media

You want to tell the whole world about your website and find out if the whole world is looking at your website, right? Two plug-ins you certainly would want to take advantage of are Google analytics for WordPress and one of the hundreds of social media plug-ins available such as AddThis. The Google analytics plug-in will allow you to insert your Google analytics code and set various settings for how your website should be monitored. Social media plug-ins will allow you to link to all your social media pages and also allow your customers to like, tweet or Google +1 your website and posts, a very useful tool in any online marketeers’ Toolbox

Hacking,  Security and Spammers

Every day vulnerabilities are found within open source systems and website code, along with hackers devising new ways to access websites and inject malware and viruses. Therefore one of the most important aspects of the website should be the site security. There are many plug-ins available which provide all sorts of malware and security protection. Some of the best ones include Better WP Security, Wordfence Security and TrackBack validation.

However you proceed sometimes a quick search on Google will provide you with some useful information and top 10 lists of plug-ins you may want to incorporate. Happy Plugin!

What is HTML?

What is HTML?

Hypertext markup language known as an abbreviation for HTML is the most common language used within webpages known as a markup language that web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox read to render the webpages correctly

Different web browsers provide different levels of compatibility and support different versions of HTML, currently we are up to HTML 5 which is a new version. You’ll probably find most websites are written using HTML 4, although HTML 5 usage and application increases more even if it is just to achieve a certain animation effect which used to only be possible using something similar to Macromedia Flash.