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What Sets a Great Web Design Company Apart

Narrowing down your options to fix on one perfect website designing company can be a daunting task. There are thousands of companies that make tall claims but fail to deliver at the end. Plus, the company must also offer other vital features that help a website gain success post launch. By now, you probably understand that the need of the hour is, indeed, an expert company. Filling these challenging shoes for many years now is website developer Surrey company, Immersive Media. There are plenty of reasons why you should choose us over hundreds of other companies.

Holistic Brand Solutions

We provide much more than just website design services. We also provide other services such as logo design and graphic design. So your entire brand can be managed under a single roof, making it very convenient for you to keep track, as well.

Transparent Pricing

Unlike many companies who throw up hidden costs and expenses at the last moment, our Surrey based website designing company does no such thing. You can choose from a menu of website designing packages that meet all your needs and requirements.

Customized Design

Immersive Media designs bespoke solutions that are tailored to suit your preferences. Our design strategies revolve around striking the right balance between your needs, superior technology and aesthetics.

Reliable Hosting

Another benefit of choosing our website developer Surrey company is that we make sure that once the site is completely designed, the best hosting spaces are secured.

No Content? No Problem

We also employ a team of highly capable and qualified copy writers who will generate content for your website as per your guidelines. This service is not usually provided by other such companies.

So, if you’re planning to have a new website designed, you know exactly where to look and who to trust!

If you require a logo design for your business please click here.

Professionalism in Web Design is Crucial

Over the last few years, the technology used in designing websites has changed drastically. Many old websites have become obsolete today, some even causing damage to the businesses they were meant to promote. The major reason behind this has been the lack of truly professional web design services in the market. However, there are a few companies that have always kept up with the times, providing their clients’ long-lasting happiness and satisfaction. Immersive Media is a professional web design company based in Surrey. We employ expert in-house and freelance web designers who tailor bespoke website solutions to meet even the most challenging demands.

The Power of Customization

Granting the freedom of customization to the client is a big part of professional web design. Immersive Media first collects all your requirements and preferences and thoroughly analyzes them before starting the design process. We also study the relevant market conditions and use design techniques that will easily attract the desired target group, hence ensuring high virtual footfall once the site is live. We ultimately provide you, the client, with two design options, so you can choose whichever design you like more and request further customizations. Only after all facets of the process are carried out to your satisfaction does the website finally go live.

Will My Website Function Efficiently in the Future?

Yes. The websites designed by our Surrey experts are completely future proof. Even if there is drastic change in existing technology, our professional web design company ensures through our design that your site remains upgradable at all times. Due to high satisfaction rates, most of our clients come back to us for even minor upgrades to their websites. We also provide high quality technical support after the website launch, so you can concentrate solely on growing your business even further!

Masters of Ecommerce Web Design

Online shopping has changed the way consumers buy and sell. The last few years have seen a heavy amount of shopping traffic shift online. The reasons for this are plenty, including convenience, secure transactions and ample variety. Sell your products now with Ecommerce web design. Freelance web designer Surrey experts, Immersive Media, have designed and launched several ecommerce websites successfully over the past several years. Based out of Surrey, we provide a spectrum of media solutions that help in brand building and maintenance.

The Art of Capturing Interest

The competition prevalent in all branches of online shopping is massive. The number of choices people have at their disposal for similar products or services is very high. So to convince them to prefer your website over any other takes creative effort. Masters of this art, the freelance web designer Surrey company, helps online businesses garner interest with great technical opulence. While the design options presented for a website are unique and interesting, we also optimize websites to be easily picked up by search engines.

Analyzing the Mechanics

Ecommerce web design is much more complex than regular web design. Immersive Media makes sure that each of the many phases of any ecommerce website is well analyzed and managed. Depending on your needs, we customize the various phases of the ecommerce website like the sales cycle, the ordering process and the delivery. We are also experts at creating safe and secure payment gateway modules that are essential to winning your customers’ trust, so they will come back to do business with you. And if you happen to be just embarking on the branding process of your business, we also offer services like logo design, graphic design and other marketing services. With our expertise in end-to-end media solutions, you just can’t go wrong!

Holistic Web Design Services

Millions of people across United Kingdom have had websites designed for their businesses in the recent past. Some of these websites have helped businesses grow manifold, while others have resulted in little or no results at all. This happens mostly due to the difference in quality of the work of various freelance web design service providers. However, there is one company you can completely trust for holistic website and media solutions – Immersive Media, a well-established web design Surrey expert.

Why Choose Us?

With experience of over thirteen years in the industry, we have designed several types and styles of websites. Our list of satisfied and happy clients is growing by the day. We have worked with clients from many different walks of life and understand the type of marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) each site requires. Our solutions come with expert search engine placement services, master hosting services and post launch technical assistance.

How Much Will a Website Cost Me?

The simplest way to answer this question is: the more the pages, the higher the price. But prices of freelance web design services usually also increase with higher customization demands. Immersive Media, however, has a very clear pricing system. A website that consists of less than five pages will cost you around £499. Prices increase with addition of pages, with a six to ten page website costing about £799. We also have convenient packages for CMS and E-Commerce websites.

So, while there are numerous freelance web design Surrey companies, make sure you visit our websites before making up your mind. A website is an important investment, and all choices in its regard must be made responsibly.

Elevate Your Brand Online Creatively

Running a business without a website is one mistake no person can afford today. Websites add credibility to your brand, and if they have been optimized for search engines, they also help your clientele list grow exponentially. However, you must be careful while choosing a website designer because poorly designed websites can potentially damage your brand’s image.

Creative is Key

The key to creating any unique or outstanding website is simply the fusion of creativity and technical acumen. Creative web design requires an overall understanding of marketing and design concepts. Immersive Media, based in Surrey, is one of the few companies with this capability. Our expertise includes creative web design that cuts across many business segments. We have provided custom website design services to several happy clients whose business lines range from car dealing to online dating to interior design.

But is Creative Enough?

Simply put, no. The custom website design services provided by our Surrey experts consist of equal parts creativity and technical expertise. We make sure that the website we build is future-proof and coded using professional standards. We also provide ethical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, which help boost your website to the top of leading search engines. All our website packages include free technical support related to hosting and the website itself.

Where Do I Start?

If you are planning to get your business or brand its first website, you may want to consider keeping it concise and to the point. Immersive Media offers many convenient website creation packages that you can choose from. If you already have a clear-cut design and the content ready, you can make use of our CMS services, which lets you build your own websites without any advanced computer knowledge.

Remember that just creating any website will not serve any purpose. The website must address all basic concerns of your business creatively.

Blog Away To Glory!

While blogging may have started out as just another hobby, today, millions of people earn money through their blogging activities, either directly or indirectly. And it is a well-known fact in the blogging world that even if your content is premium, a poorly designed website can drive away followers. The best solution to this problem, undoubtedly, is to hire a professional web design company to handle the design and management of your blog website. Based out of Surrey, Immersive Media is one such reliable and experienced company.

Platforms Offered

Our Surrey experts offer extensive web design services to bloggers by building the blog system using open source technology such as WordPress. However, we also offer to make customized blog systems as per your requirements. WordPress website design, however, is very popular across the world for its highly customizable nature.

Advantage WordPress

Find out more how WordPress website design offers an array of exciting options in the form of plug-ins, themes and widgets. But it takes an expert web design company to exploit all its features for your benefit. Once Immersive Media receives your requirements, we set out to design a WordPress blog that not only meets your expectations, but also creates online buzz quickly.

Attract Followers

The success of a blog is measured by its number of followers. Due to years of experience and many successful blog projects, our Surrey experts know exactly how to attract followers. We choose unique but relevant themes and customize them with just the right widgets and plug-ins. The aesthetics of the website also helps in keeping followers regularly engaged.

If you have been wanting to test the blogging waters for a while but haven’t known where to begin, now is your time!

What are the Benefits of Ecommerce Design?

E-commerce technology is rapidly evolving and advancing, making it hard to keep up. If you are relatively new to this field, consider getting some help from a professional, such as those over at Immersive Media. This will ensure that you are using this technology properly so that you reap the benefits. There are a variety of benefits of ecommerce design that can help you to increase your visitors and your profits, and when you choose to get help from a company like Immersive Media, your chances of success are even higher.

Inexpensive Marketing

When your e-commerce site is well-designed, your marketing costs will be significantly lower because you will be able to quickly and easily promote your site on the Internet. You can use free social media sites, business listings and blogs to market your site for free. Even if you employ someone to do all of your Internet marketing for you, your marketing budget will still be far less expensive than your previous budget. This is one of the biggest benefits of ecommerce design.

Massive Potential for Scale

When you have a well-designed e-commerce site, there are no limits to the potential customers that you can target. The Internet is worldwide so you can reach out and work to attract customers from all over the world. Make sure that when you are designing your site, you optimise it in a way that allows for people of all languages to be able to read it and use it effectively. This will help to bring your website to the global market quickly and effectively so that you can expand your reach and gain clients and customers from all over the world.

Much Lower Overheads

When you focus on your e-commerce site, you will not have to worry about things like utility bills, rent, repairs and other financial responsibilities that come with a physical storefront. You simply pay the fees associated with the design of your site and the upkeep that is necessary. This is far less expensive than the costs associated with running a physical business. The startup costs are also much lower and you can have a well-designed e-commerce website done for well under ten thousand dollars.

Being effective when it comes to e-commerce will help you to be successful in this industry. This is no easy task and it does not happen overnight, so it is important to be patient and keep working at it. As you continue on, you will find that an effective e-commerce design comes with many benefits for your bottom line.

Examining the WordPress SEO Benefits

There are a number of SEO benefits with WordPress design that you need to be aware of if you are using this platform for your website. Understanding things about the CMS design and how the benefits can help you to build your website are important. This is something that is not easy to pull off alone, especially if you are new to owning and building websites, so you might consider getting some help from a professional company, such as Immersive Media.


When it comes to the structure of a URL, WordPress offers immense flexibility so that your URLs are always search engine optimised. The SEO benefits with WordPress design allow for full customisation. You can go to your permalinks and change their structure so that your keywords are in them. When search engines are ranking webpages, the URL is one of the things that they take into consideration.

Effective Default Theme

When it comes to how websites rank in a Google search, how quickly the site loads now plays a role, so you want a good CMS design. WordPress offers an effective default theme that allows for major flexibility, but at the same time, it also loads quickly so that your website lands favourably in search results. You can still make custom changes to the default theme so this is a win-win.

Tag Usage

WordPress allows you to effectively use tags when you add posts to your website. This allows for search engine bots to find and place your internal posts and pages into search results. It also provides an additional option for navigation on your website. This ensures that more pages on your website are in search results so that your website has a greater chance of being clicked on.

Image Optimisation

When you add images to your posts, you have SEO options that you should be taking advantage of. Add the different title and alt tags so that your images can lend to the SEO on your site. When you add of the different SEO information to your images, they will appear in search results, such as Google Images. This will provide a new way to bring people to your site.

Make sure that you are taking full advantage of all of the different SEO benefits that WordPress has to offer. This will bring more traffic to your website so that more people are exposed to your brand, services and products. Regardless of the purpose of your website, more traffic is crucial for success and Immersive Media can help.

Looking at the Benefits of Custom Logo Design

When it comes to logos & brand design, you want to make sure that you are getting the right kind of attention and Immersive Media can help. You want people to be attracted to your logo so that they see it and immediately think positively about your brand. When you get your logo made professionally, this will help your brand to improve its exposure so that you can take your company to the next level.

Separates Your Business from the Competition

When you are dreaming up what you logos & brand design, you want it to be different from all of the other logos out there. A good logo designer is aware of what other logos are already in use and he can ensure that your logo will be unique. This will ensure that when people see your logo, they will automatically associate it with your brand. This helps to increase your exposure and heighten brand awareness.

Shows Your Brand Values

When you created your brand, you crafted a mission statement and a set of values that your brand abides by. A good logo is representative of these values and it helps people to see what your brand is all about. When you get advert design Surrey services, this will also show your logo. For example, if your values focus more on the luxurious things in life, a more complex and sophisticated logo is going to work best. On the other hand, if your brand represents bargains and living on a budget, you will want your logo to be far simpler so that it naturally conveys this.

Fully Customised Design

When you use a professional company to create your logo, you can get anything that you want. They have access to all of the latest software and design files, ensuring that your logo looks exactly as you dream it should. They can provide you with several different sizes and colour options so that you can choose the best one to represent your brand. They can also help you to make changes to your logo as your brand grows and evolves in the future.

Having your brand or logo design done professionally will ensure that it is noticed. This will attract new potential clients and customers. Professional advertising is also beneficial in helping you to get your company’s name out there. If you are considering advert design Surrey services, make sure that you use a reputable company, such as Immersive Media.

Learning About Immersive Media Virtual Tour Services

Immersive Media is a media company that offers a wide array of services. One of these services is known as the Immersive Media Virtual Tour Services and this is a type of spherical, interactive photograph that people can use to get a 360-degree view of a specific environment. This is beneficial for many different things because it allows you, and those who visit your website, to literally step into an environment right from a computer or other device that allows for the viewing of this technology.

What the Virtual Tour Services Include

  • When you use the Virtual Tour services offered by this media company, you also get the following:
  • 15 years of 360 virtual tours photography experience
  • Tours can be made anywhere in the world
  • Will suit your website due to multi-software discipline
  • Virtual tour image hosting
  • Ultra-high quality with professional SLR lenses and cameras
  • Pre and post production is done professionally
  • Multimedia enhancements that include movement, music, hotspots, narration and several more
  • Technical support and website integration
  • Effects and Viewing of Virtual Tour Services

When you are having 360 Virtual Tours Photography created by Immersive Media, you can choose from a variety of different effects that will enhance your tour. Hotspots help you to quickly jump to other images within the tour so that you can look at what you want to see most. All of the effects that you can use in this tour work perfectly for all viewers, including those who are watching the tours on laptop and desktop computers, smartphones and tablet computers.

How Virtual Tour Benefits Businesses

Those who are interested in your business can see everything necessary without ever leaving their home. This is proven to increase bookings and sales, as well as keep people on your website longer to browse and see what you have to offer. After watching the tour, they are likely to stick around and check out the different services or products that you offer. This can increase your sales and how many customers you have. Immersive Media Virtual Tour Services will bring you a return on your investment.

These services are quite different from what other companies have to offer. The 360 Virtual Tours technology can help with things like real estate websites so that those viewing the site can take a tour of the properties listed without ever leaving their homes. This allows for convenience and this is something that all website viewers will appreciate.