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Trends in Custom Website Design Focus on Unique Solutions

At Immersive Media, we believe our name does, indeed, say it all because we provide various ways to for web owners to connect with their intended base of customers. While you can choose from one of our standard website packages, we can also create a custom website design that meets with specific customer preferences and business objectives.

Oversized Brands

For example, oversized brands or logos combined with an oversized header is a popular look. Why shouldn’t it be? After all, the added size increases brand recognition just that much more – leaving one of those lasting impressions that promise additional visits from site viewers. Our efforts in custom website design won’t go in vain as long as the site is living up to its owner’s intended purpose – namely gaining company recognition and a standing locally.


We can also provide bespoke solutions in the form of sketched images. While this type of design element does not concentrate on the design of the site, it can be utilised to personalise regular copy, thereby becoming an integral part of a site’s style. The idea of the sketch is to create a contrast between a custom website design and personal interaction.
Slab Typefaces
In addition to creating headers we also understand the importance of using slab typefaces – styles of writing that appear capitalized and imposing. In bespoke solutions, the lettering is often seen on large or oversized logos.


Speaking of typefaces, we, at Immersive Media, can also create headers that feature typography instead of images. Utilising typography as a main design element often attracts more interest than site that highlights several large images. The whole idea is to engage the site visitor and compel him to interact, not only by utilising the navigational tools but to influence his behavior with the site’s images and lettering too.

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We are a Web Design Company Offering Logo Design & More…

Here at Immersive Media, we are one web design company that offers top-rate services in SEO, site setup and logo design. We want each one of our clients to receive a bespoke design solution that is specific to his business preferences and the products or services he is selling. That is why we place an emphasis on logo design as well.

Stylizing a Logo for Your Business

As a primary graphical representation, we realize that a logo solidifies a company’s presence and brand and therefore becomes the most visible means of marketing support that a company possesses, especially within a specified market. For this reason, we know that it is imperative as a premier web design company to coordinate all aspects of a company’s web design and marketing strategy.
Besides designing a navigable website, we at Immersive Media, also make it our goal for make sure each site is singly represented by a “face” or logo. This unique I.D. allows us to use our creative skills to design and flesh out a logo through various uses of fonts, images and color. Because a logo is a “shorthand” type of identification, we know that it must be presented so it not only is comprehensible but also distinct to potential customers. We, as a web design company, know the importance conveying the right meaning in this respect.

Types of Logo Styles

For example, we tend to feature tech company logos in angular forms while we design service-oriented company logos with rounded designs. The rounded design provides more of a feeling of trust and credibility. So, what do you want to convey in a logo design? We can sit down with you and discuss a designer brand for your business today. Look on the Internet for more information about his important form of branding.

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We Offer Web Design in Surrey That Is Next to None

Here, at Immersive Media, we really don’t mind bragging about what we can do in the field of SEO and web design services in Surrey. After all, the packages we offer are pretty impressive solutions, whether a customer is opting for a website that features five to 10 pages or prefers a CMS design with unlimited pages and content.

One of Our Popular Design Packages

If you are a new business, then we, at Immersive Media, suggest you make your presence known by opting for one of our 5 to 10 page website platforms – one of the sites that have given us, you might say, a distinct reputation in SEO and web design in Surrey as well as the surrounding landscape. Our 5 to 10 page site is offered with search engine optimisation services for a period of three months. A domain name comes with the site and site users are availed with a year’s worth of unlimited hosting for their site and e-mail.

Look at the Benefits

Consider the other advantages of this kind of site. It features an image area, blog area and a mobile website version of the platform too. You want to have a mobile site version of your web platform as site navigation is different on this kind of screen than it is on a PC. Facebook and Twitter are also included as a part of the site setup. Part of our services in web design in Surrey include providing consultation for any technical or marketing questions a user might have before and after the design of a site.

We also offer professional logo design for your company. We place emphasis on all the items that are important to site owners today who want to increase their profit margin and enhance their customer base. Every web design company provides technologies that increase a customer’s online presence. However, do they also offer logo design or SEO? From our perspective, every site should include these amenities as well.

WordPress Web Design Offers Numerous Benefits

Here, at Immersive Media, we espouse the use of WordPress, which has been a mainstay in the web design field since 2003. It is also a popularly-featured software for content management applications. For any company that wants a platform that is easy to use and navigate, we believe a WordPress web design is a top choice.

An Intuitive Interface Design

WordPress is simply easy to use because of its intuitive interface. Therefore, blog posts, images and news pages can be readily uploaded. If a client needs to add content then, he can do so easily without needing to obtain technical support in the interim.

No HTML Software Required

We like WordPress web design features as the user can log in from any computer because the platform is browser-based. The self-contained system does not make use of HTML software for editing purposes, thereby making the platform super simple to use. Users can create new blog posts, pages, texts and images and can do so without the need to utilise or download HTML software.

Because we are SEO specialists, we can appreciate the fact that the search engines are automatically drawn to WordPress sites. That’s because the code is simplified, thereby making it possible for search engines to scan and quickly “digest” a site’s content. As SEO experts, we like the fact that sites can be search engine optimised so each page or post features it’s very own meta tag, description, keywords and title. Clients can further enhance their SEO efforts with tags of their own.

While we, at Immersive Media, provide design services that are next to none, we also don’t want our customers to lose any control when it comes to updating their sites. WordPress web design then, at least, in our minds, is a sensible choice for web customers who lack technical training or who wish to use a website design that they can update as well.

How Creative Web Design Enhances Your Ecommerce Site

Companies vary in their degree of knowledge when it comes to the ecommerce site for their business. Whether you are an ecommerce novice or an ecommerce expert, it is likely that you realise the importance of search engine optimised content on your company’s website. The content on your site plays the largest factor on your business’ ranking on search engine listings. However, SEO is not the only factor that can affect the amount of revenue you can generate from your ecommerce site. When you utilise creative web design in the right ways, you can build a website that gets your company the attention it needs to flourish.

Elements of Creative Web Design

Creative web design does not encompass just the layout and display of your site’s interface. Instead, it encompasses several elements that work together to contribute to the overall effectiveness of your ecommerce site. Companies such as ours realise the importance of the design of your site and the elements that surround it, such as:

  • How easily customers can find the information they need
  • The secure and ease of your checkout processes
  • How easy your company’s site is to navigate
  • Your company’s stock management systems
  • The overall attractiveness of the site
  • How well you can attract search engines using SEO content

Why You Should Choose Immersive Media for Your Design Needs

Creating a web site can be a process that is tedious or even challenging if you do not have the proper knowledge to do it. At Immersive Media, we possess all of the skills necessary to build a web site from the bottom up. Whether you need us to utilise creative web design to make your company’s site visually attractive and easily accessible or to produce good SEO content that will give your site the rankings it deserves our highly trained team delivers the results you need to flourish.

Popular Ecommerce Web Design Packages

Ecommerce is recognised as a platform through which both small businesses and global corporations can reach customers across the world. But how do you attract the right customers to your ecommerce site? The answer is ecommerce web design. At Immersive Media we offer several ecommerce solutions that are designed to benefit you. Three of the most popular include open source, bespoke, and WordPress ecommerce solutions.

Open Source Ecommerce Solutions

The advantage of open source ecommerce web design over other solutions that we offer is the low cost. You can get a variety of different features, without having to pay a lot for your platform. You also have access to a wide variety of developers that can provide you with tips. The disadvantage of this type of platform is a lack of high levels of customizability.

Bespoke Ecommerce Solutions

At Immersive Media our most commonly purchased ecommerce porducts are handbuilt bespoke solutions.Bespoke solutions are built from the ground up, especially to meet the needs of your company. The largest disadvantage of bespoke ecommerce solutions is that they are significantly more expensive than other ecommerce solutions. However, if customizability is what you are after, they are the best possible choice to make your ecommerce site stand out.

WordPress Ecommerce Solutions

Another ecommerce solution we frequently offer at Immersive Media is WordPress content management. WordPress allows a good amount of customizability, and it is a great starting point for ecommerce shops. WordPress and similar content management websites have the advantages of updating regularly and offering a high level of security. The disadvantage of this type of ecommerce web design is that you are limited on the amount of content that you can provide. They are also not quite as customizable as bespoke ecommerce solutions.

How Search Engine Optimisation and Web Site Design in Surrey Can Benefit Your Ecommerce Site

There are many factors that affect how well your ecommerce site works to attract new customers and sell your business’ services. Two of these factors are search engine optimisation and the design of your company’s site.

Because web site design Surrey and search engine optimisation are so important, you do not want to let just anyone handle the content and design of your site. Instead, you need a reliable team of experts such as our employees at Immersive Media. We specialise in SEO and web site design in Surrey and its surrounding areas. Our skills allow us to design an ecommerce site for you that will get your company the attention it deserves.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a group of different techniques that involve the placement and density of keywords related to your business. When SEO is used properly, it is more likely that your site will achieve higher rankings in search engine results performed on engines such as Yahoo, Google, Mozilla, Bing, and others.

SEO works because the keywords that you use relates directly to your business. When potential customers search queries related to your keywords, they will be directed to your site by a search engine. Here they find content related to your business. At Immersive Media we offer web site design in Surrey and other areas that can attract customers to your site.

Why Should I Hire Someone for Web Site Design?

There is a fine line between good SEO content and spamming a website. Professionals such as ours specialise in creating the content and web site design that Surrey businesses need to advertise their services in a way that is attractive to both search engines and potential customers.

A specialist trained at performing web design in Surrey and surrounding areas will be able to create good content that will catch the attention of search engines and attract potential customers to your website. Many of these specialists are employed at our company. We pride ourselves in the ability to setup, design, and add content to your website that can truly improve your business.

How Web Design in Kingston Can Improve Your Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce is an area that can be critical to future profits for any company. Whether your company is a small, family-owned business or a shareholder-owned corporation, ecommerce allows you to reach customers in ways that you have never been able to before. But what makes ecommerce work?

The business of ecommerce relies heavily on the company’s site ranking on search engines such as Yahoo, Mozilla Firefox, Google, or Bing. To rank higher you need to have unique, informative content that is search engine optimised. This is where our business can help you. At Immersive Media we offer web design in Kingston and surrounding areas that will boost your website through the rankings. Our extensive knowledge covers all areas of your website including:

  • Security of checkout and payments
  • How easy it is to use and access different areas of the website
  • The level of professionalism and design
  • How products and stock are managed
  • The quality of customer service
  • Search engine optimisation

How Our Company Meets Your Needs

At Immersive Media, our goal is to meet your needs for web design in Kingston the best way we know how- by using the techniques that will get your ecommerce sitethe recognition it deserves. We can format websites, suggest areas of improvement for your existing site and generate SEO-friendly content related to your company’s services.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our company also can help you with web design in Kingston by increasing the level of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on your website. SEO is one of the largest components of the ranking of a website. Naturally, websites with better SEO will rank higher in search results.
So what is good SEO? Good SEO should include quality, unique content that is sponsored on your website. It also effectively uses keywords to attract the search engine to your site. However, it is important to remember that there is a fine line between good SEO and spamming. We understand this line and work to provide the best SEO content without sounding repetitive.

Advantages of Contracting for Website Design using WordPress

At Immersive Media we aim to provide you with the best possible web design services for your WordPress and other content management sites. Over 10 year’s experience of WordPress design and integration our goal to be with you from the development to the ongoing upkeep of your company’s site. When you choose to contract with us, you will find that we have three advantages that we can offer you; stability, security, and speed. These are all critical components of successful WordPress design.


One of the key advantages of contracting with a single company for website design with WordPress is stability. When you choose to work with Immersive Media from start to finish, we can understand the purpose of your website. If you choose to work with multiple companies, you may find that your purpose and your intended audience get lost as you move from company to company. Stability is key because it attracts customers to your website. They know what to expect, and you can effectively provide content to your intended audience.


Contacting with our company for website design of your WordPress site ensures that your site upholds the highest security standards. Whether you need proper SSL encryption, a secure checkout for your products, or protection from outside intrusion, we can provide you with the software and technology that you need to protect your site.


When you contract with our team of professionals at Immersive Media, we ensure your WordPress website design gets done promptly. Whether we are designing the initial site or performing updates and site maintenance, our goal is to ensure you have as little down time as possible. We understand the importance of speed in the world of ecommerce. We ensure every step of the design is finished promptly, to ensure the continued profits of your company.

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The Strategic Process Used When Working with a Web Design Company

At Immersive Media, we strive to be the best web design company in Surrey, Kingston, and nearby areas. Every website that we help create is designed specifically to fit your needs. We work closely with you throughout the development process to ensure your web site is a success.

Step 1: Determining Your Needs

The first step we take is to determine what you are expecting from your website. We will achieve this by asking several different questions. These questions will allow us to determine the information that you want displayed on your site, your target audience, your purpose (to sell or to advertise), and your overall goals.

Step 2: Developing a Site Map

The second step is to make a plan. We develop a detailed site map that covers all main and sub-topics of your website. We also help decide the platforms that you will use.

Step 3: Design

The next step for our web design company is to create a custom design that reflects your goals and your target audience. We will submit the prototype for your approval before the next stages. Remember that in this step, communicating your likes and dislikes is crucial to the final result.

Step 4: Development

Once you have approved the prototype, we will begin development. Our company will upload the necessary graphic content and content to the website.

Step 5: Testing and Implementation

After development, we take care to test each part of your website for functionality. Once the final design is approved, we will upload all of the necessary information to your server and launch your site.

Step 6: Regular Maintenance

At Immersive Media, our web design company follows up with customers. We will conduct regular maintenance of the site and may even be able to offer new content regularly if needed.

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