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WordPress Website Design – Why Use WordPress for Designing Your Website?

Designing a website using WordPress has become very popular these days. It is currently the most popular content management system. If you are thinking of starting an online website business, you must have considered WordPress at some point. A content management system is basically designed to provide you with easy access to a central dashboard from where you can maintain all of your web pages.

WordPress is popular because of its versatility and customization features. Designing your website using WordPress is a fantastic idea if you want a simple, easily manageable website. At Immersive Media, we have designed hundreds of websites for our clients using WordPress. Our WordPress website design services are very popular throughout the UK. Here are a few reasons for choosing WordPress:

Easy to Maintain

After the design phase is complete, customers need a content management system that is easy to update and maintain. Nobody wants to go through an extensive process just to update or edit a few blog posts. Using WordPress for your website’s design resolves this problem. You can edit or include content just how you would in a Word document.

Highly Customisable

A major reason why our WordPress website design services are so popular is because WordPress can be customised so easily. We offer you the option of installing any pre- load plugins that you want. In case you have a change of heart later on, you can simply remove or install another plugin.

Immersive Media has used WordPress extensively for designing websites. We work closely with our customers in order to determine their needs. Once we have a clear idea of what our clients expect, we get to work on creating an engaging website that looks not only good but also performs well.

Why Hire a Web Design Company?

A professional web design company can give your website the edge it needs to thrive in a competitive market. Setting up a website is easy. All you have to do is purchase a template design, set up a database and purchase hosting services. However, there is a major difference in purchasing a pre- designed template and hiring a professional company to design a website for you.

A professional website designing firm will take your business to new heights. The company will thoroughly study the nature of your business as well as the type of visitors you aim to attract. Then, they will design a layout that is best suited to the nature of your website.

At Immersive Media, we work very closely with our clients. We have designed websites for clients all over the United Kingdom. At their headquarters in Surrey, the company has worked on more than a thousand websites and engaging applications. Here are a few reasons why you should hire us:

The Expertise

Designing a website is not a straightforward task. It requires a careful understanding of the client’s business and their target market. That’s what we offer. Before creating a new layout, our expert designers hold lengthy discussions with clients. This helps us understand what our clients want. Once we have highlighted a clear path, our expert designers get to work.

Customer Support and Service

If you are paying a hefty sum of money to a web design company, you will want to remain aware of all that is happening behind the scenes. We understand the importance of customer service and try our best to answer any query in the shortest time possible.

Our job at Immersive Media is to satisfy our clients in the best possible way we know how: by offering unmatched services at the best possible prices.

Learn how to plan your websites segment, target and position.

Looking for Updates? Use a Freelance Web Designer in Surrey!

Like paint on the exterior of your home, websites need to be updated periodically as well. Where some customers may find comfort in knowing exactly where to look for what they want on your pages, a greater majority look forward to seeing new and different content. Taking the time to keep your website current shows customers that you are concerned with providing them the most advanced products and newest technology on the market. If you don’t have the time to spend on this process yourself, using a freelance web designer in Surrey such as Immersive Media will get the job done quickly and affordably.

Where Do the Ideas Come From?

Inspiration for ideas can come from anywhere. If there are certain elements you have seen on other websites, we are able to customise them to work with the business goals you have for your site. We are not afraid to try new combinations of special effects to make your site completely unique. Good freelance web designers in Surrey keep current on the elements which make other websites successful, while staying on top of new advances in technology, software, and techniques. This ensures we offer our customers cutting-edge solutions.

What Will You Update?

Immersive Media works to bring each client’s vision to fruition. While some may only need some graphics or images updated, others may want us to completely redo their site from scratch. Our freelance web designers in Surrey will update your site according to the exact specifications you give us. Our design team will also brainstorm to suggest new ideas, which can be incorporated into your current design. By paying attention to market trends in the various industries, we know what new techniques are working and which ones are not. Your business benefits from our experience and time spent in research.

How Web Design in Kingston E-Commerce Services can Benefit Your Business?

While anyone can put products or services up for sale on the internet, success depends on more than just listing a picture and a price. It requires careful planning to ensure that everything runs smoothly. So, how do you go about moving your physical business presence into the world of cyberspace? Immersive Media can quickly and affordably create a customized e-commerce web design solution in Kingston that will allow you to reach a greater number of customers who are searching for your product.

Features of Our E-Commerce Websites

While there are a number of options you can choose from when considering web design services in Kingston, there are several features we typically include for customers:
Secure Payment Solutions: It is vital that you have a secure payment provider for your customers. For their peace of mind and yours, we offer 128-bit encryption.
Scalability: What you need at the moment require upgrades in the future. By factoring in scalability, we are able to give you the ability to add components in at a later date.
Product Management: Add and remove products with a click of the mouse
Productivity: Any of the solutions we offer are efficient and fast, cutting down on the amount of time you need to spend on the site itself.
Immersive Media thinks outside the box with the solutions that we offer. We focus on providing flexible services and design innovations that will make your e-commerce website run quickly and easily, increasing your profits and decreasing on-site maintenance.

Why Design Matters

No matter how good your product is, if customers are required to spend lots of time navigating your site to place their order, they are going to go somewhere else. Today’s consumers want quick and easy web design services in Kingston that is superior to others in terms of simplicity.

User-Friendly WordPress Website Design

In the past several years, WordPress website design has become the go-to content managing system. Where platforms such as Drupal were popular for years, WordPress has quickly become the king, and it is now used on almost seventy-five million websites worldwide.

What Can it Do?

WordPress is scalable, easy to use, and simple. Our designers love it for many reasons, including that there is no HTML editor required for basic websites. This means that once Immersive Media has used WordPress for website design, you do not need to be a computer expert to make changes or add content. You will be able to upload files, format your content text, upload graphics and images, blog posts, and create new pages with simplicity. We can make your site as small or as large as you want to have it, and the scalability means you can make changes whenever you like. You will also be able to gain access to the system from any device which connects to the internet because WordPress is browser-based.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the major benefits to having us utilize WordPress in website design is the ease with which search engines can read and index it. We are experts in SEO who know the code used is clean and simple, allowing search bots to complete their scan with no trouble. In effect, your website will rank higher than similar sites built on other platforms. Every page is created with the use of meta keywords, descriptions, tags, and titles, resulting in simple search engine optimization as things change with the products and services offered by your business.
Once we have completed your site design, learning how to operate WordPress takes only moments. Even a brand-new user with no experience at website building can easily have their first page up in less than ten minutes.

My Traffic Is Non-Existent. How Can Our Web Site Design in Surrey Services Help?

A web site never viewed by any real potential customers will not do your business any good. Companies which exist strictly as online vendors will quickly find themselves in trouble if there is no traffic coming to their site. You are unable to make sales if people can’t find you. Even established physical businesses benefit from having a proper web site design in Surrey, simply because you never know what search term may lead a potential customer to your site.

How Can Design Increase Traffic?

For your business, proper web site design in Surrey takes much more than just throwing up a picture here and there. Many people tend to think of design as being artwork. While this is partially true, there are other elements combined in the process. Some clients of Immersive Media want their site to be as attractive as possible, having us incorporate all of the latest marketing trends in imagery and colour, focusing on many bells and whistles. Others prefer the most simple and basic approach. Whichever one appeals to you, our design team will ensure it is the perfect representation of your vision.

We Know About Colour Psychology

Different colours affect people in different ways, especially relating to emotions. By using strategically placed colour choices, we can match each section with the expectations you have. These are among the top colours that we use in our designing and why: Blue: Blue is the colour which makes people feel comfortable and at ease. It also increases trust because customers are more relaxed. Red: This vibrant colour helps people to focus and stay alert. It grabs their attention but is best used subtlety. Green: The truth of the matter is that the colour green makes people want to spend money. This subconscious urge can be taken advantage of especially by highlighting prices. Our web site design services in Surrey will pull your site together with the most advanced techniques to ensure a higher retention rate than pages which have not been professionally designed. Let us work our design magic to have your site bursting to the seams with new traffic quickly and affordably.

Understand all the steps involved when developing a website.

Our Web Design Services in Surrey Will Increase Your Business!

Your may believe your business had a great year. Maybe it did, but if you want it to be better,choosing a company such as Immersive Design to upgrade web design in Surrey can result in an increased number of sales. Consumers love to be entertained while they are searching for the products they need, so having an interesting web site is vital to your success. Regardless of which type of business that you have, we can rev up your site to keep your customers on pages longer, increasing your chances that more than one purchase will be made.

How Can You Make My Site Better?

Most people are very visual. They get caught up in vibrant colours, well-written text content, and links which lead to relevant information. One reason why many people do not stay on web sites is because there is no logical arrangement to the pages or the information. If your site does not have a search bar, and customers cannot find what they are looking for quickly, nine times out of ten they will go to another site which is more user-friendly. There are thousands of businesses in the any given area, and proper web design services in Surrey will ensure that customers can find you easily and navigate your pages quickly.

What Exactly Do You Design?

Once we understand the vision you have for your site, we will customize your pages to be optimized for search engines and user-friendliness. Written content is fine, but it rarely holds the interest of customers. By adding in engaging photos, links, payment processors, and social media connections, we will make your site interesting without being “busy.”
Our professional web design services in Surrey will ensure that your site is logically organized so customers can locate the products or information they need to make a purchase easily. We can incorporate ideas into your existing site so you receive the maximum benefit from traffic which comes your way.

Learn how your business website can benefit from a virtual tour.

Invite Your Customers Inside a Virtual Tour With The Help of a Web Design Company

There are more than one billion websites on the internet today. Consumers have plenty of choices, so it is essential to choose a web design company which will ensure your business stands out from all the competition. With customers so focused on knowing the brands they deal with, providing a virtual tour gives them the ability to see what you are really all about. It is also a way to ensure that even global customers feel as if they know you.

Why Use a Virtual Tour

There are numerous reasons for having a web design company create a virtual tour of your business. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is the concept which applies here. Immersive Media will increase your online marketing efforts by using visualisation to enhance product and location understanding.

Visualisation Benefits

When consumers take a virtual tour, they feel as if they are at your location. Seeing the inside of your offices, viewing employees as they go about their work day, and watching production snippets makes your business seem more “real,” and assists customers in the decision making process.

Exposure Benefits

People tend to share appealing images with others, resulting in increased exposure for your business. Our web design company professionals will create an immersive experience which will have your customers coming back to enjoy the views and see if anything is new.

Benefits Over the Competition

Having an online virtual tour on your website ensures that your product or service stands out from the rest of your competitors. This keeps your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds, resulting in increased sales and website traffic.
Businesses need every advantage that they can get to keep their product or service moving. We can assist you in meeting this need with customizable solutions to wow your customers and eliminate your competitors.

We Pride Ourselves as Being a Major Freelance Web Designer in Surrey

In our small enclave in the UK, we at Immersive Media pride ourselves as being a major freelance web designer in Surrey. We understand that today it is just as important for viewers to connect with your website on a PC as well as on a smartphone.

Amenities That We Feature

That’s why, as a freelance web designer in Surrey,we understand the importance of featuring amenities such as SEO as well as free site and e-mail hosting. We also know that a web design cannot be implemented without setting up business pages for social media or a news or blog area. However, all those benefits will not mean much if the site designs for you PC and smartphones are not compatible with each of the individually sized screens.

Smartphone and PC Website Designs – Not the Same Thing

Therefore, as a freelance web designer in Surrey, we make sure that the site design for the smartphone is different than what is used on a PC. After all, when people are using their smartphone, they are scrolling down most of the time. People utilizing PC’s however, generally do not have the patience to keep scrolling. That is why each site design must accommodate the electronic device for which it is formatted. Otherwise, compiling and sharing content will soon become ineffective to both the receiver and sender.
When securing web design services then, you not only have to look at the specific design services being offered, you also must look at such benefits as domain name, free hosting, professional logo design. Also, what are the standard website designer packages? Our site features a five to ten page site design, a content managed site with unlimited pages, and an online shop or CMS with unlimited pages. We want to make sure that you receive the site you are seeking and that site visitors will find you too.

Web Design Services Are Based on Client’s Brand Objectives

We, at Immersive Media, we believe you need to include the logo design among our web design services as that identifier also inter-relates with the purpose and navigation of a company’s website. In fact, the logo needs to be directly complementary to website development.

Web Design with Featured Amenities

That’s why our web design services are provided with such amenities as SEO, a domain name, unlimited hosting for your e-mail and website, an animated picture area, a news or blog area, technical and marketing consultations, and social media establishment. In addition, we can provide website packages that feature 5 to 10 pages with a 3-month SEO campaign, a content managed site with six months of SEO or an online store utilising a content managed system and six months of SEO.
When you receive those kinds of benefits, you want to make sure that your site can easily be identified with your brand. Therefore, the site navigation and web design services offered by our company are designed to do just that.

Do You Feature an Information-rich Product or Service?

In order to set the right goals in this respect, you have to look at the consideration given to your product. For example, high-consideration products that include cars are information-rich. Therefore, customers need to review a lot of details before they make a buying decision. The design of the site and the web design services offered then must follow suit.
Low consideration products are usually higher priced products that don’t require a lot of thought, especially when it comes to making a buying decision. However, branding is essential to both low-consideration and higher consideration products. After all, people can be as loyal to a shampoo brand as they are to a specific make and model car. Knowing the kind of products that are featured and outlining a marketing strategy hinges on the reasons why a product is bought and sold in the first place