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Why We Choose WordPress Website Design

At Immersive Media, we’re aware that there are a number of options when it comes to blogging software. One of the products that we have always enjoyed the most is WordPress. WordPress website design provides with a host of benefits to both designers like ourselves and to business owners or website managers like you.

It’s Easy to Use

With no knowledge of HTML required to run WordPress, anyone with access to a keyboard can post fresh, clean content through WordPress website design. It has never been easier to add pages, blog posts, images, and more. Best of all, it’s so simple that it can be done quickly and efficiently.

Accessible from Any Computer

We at Immersive Media often partake in collaborative efforts to build a website and to maintain it. Through WordPress website design, we and any other party who requires access can do so since the software is browser-based. This means anyone a login from any internet connected PC to manage his or her site.

Google Loves WordPress

The love for WordPress does not stop at Google either. Search engines such as Bing, Yahoo!, and more prefer WordPress sites over any other because it is clean and simple. This makes reading your site’s content and indexing it on search pages a breeze for these search engines.

Another reason why search engines love our WordPress-driven content pages is because you can fully optimize your website. Unlike other content software, WordPress allows us to add meta tag keywords, titles, and descriptions to:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Images

This significantly boosts a page’s ability to rank highly on search engine results pages.

Full Control of Your Site

While our company does manage a large number of sites, WordPress at least gives businesses the option to manage it on their own. This means being able to make instant changes to your website as business demands rather than wait for a web designer to do it for you.

Why Businesses Need Bespoke Web Design Content Management Systems

Blending content management systems (CMS) into any website are our speciality here at Immersive Media. We believe CMS is an important foundation to bespoke web design for the following four reasons:

1. Better Content Management

The phrase “content is king” is used a lot when it comes to bespoke web design and development, and it couldn’t be more true. Having a fully integrated CMS in place allows business to better manage all of their content. Whether you are saving content in a draft state, updating the navigation of your site or are styling your content through a WYSIWYG editor, CMS will save you time and frustration.

2. Cross-Selling Capabilities

From the time we entered into the web design and development industry years ago to today, there have been major advancements in CMS. One of our favourite: cross-selling. These systems provide businesses with the tools that they need to learn about their user’s behaviour and preferences, such as:

  • Tracking where visitors go on the page and when they leave
  • How long a visitor stays on which specific page
  • Which pages are the most viewed

3. Bolstered Online Branding

Bespoke web design relies heavily on the contribution of more than one party to make it unique and to truly reflect your brand. Immersive Media integrates CMS which allows multi-channel campaign management, including emails, brochures, RSS and more.

4. Optimised Mobile Content

A growing number of individuals in the UK are accessing the web through their mobile device. Unless your company has a mobile-friendly or responsive website, then you are missing out on a lot of potential profits. Many advanced CMS which we have worked with now offer mobile optimisation. This means that every presentation and piece of content you create is immediately mobile-friendly and can be easily viewed on a variety of devices.

Custom Website Design Is Going Responsive

Responsive websites is what we at Immersive Media are placing a greater focus on when creating the next greatest custom website design. What our team has come to quickly realise is that custom website design isn’t about keeping up with the competitor – it’s about beating them to the punch. This is exactly what responsive web design allows businesses to do any time, and anywhere.

What Is Responsive Custom Website Design?

  • Their smartphone
  • Their tablet
  • Their laptop
  • Their home computer

Many are also accessing your website through televisions!

There are a number of reasons why our team recommends responsive custom website design for all businesses across all industries:

1) You’re Always Accessible

Pairing a standard website up with a smartphone means forcing potential customers to squint and struggle to read your content, click on tiny links and become frustrated when attempting to navigate your site. What do these potential customers do? They leave your site.

Our team creates responsive sites to ensure that you are accessible, regardless of who found you and how. This allows you to expand your business and really take advantage of what it means to be an online business that is open 24-hours a day to a global market.

2) It’s Easier to Manage

Several of our Immersive Media clients prefer to manage their own websites. Having to manage one for desktop users, one for mobile users, and one for tablet users is a massive drain on time and company resources. By bringing all sites together, you are only needing to manage one site, one campaign, and one set of content as opposed to multiple.

How a Website Designing Company Helps Humanise Your Brand

A mounting pile of evidence continues to grow proving that humanising your brand is essential if you want to connect. This is particularly true in the online marketplace where many of your clients and customers will not know you personally. We have all heard about how important social media is for “humanising” your brand, but a website designing company (like we at Immersive Media) play a large role in this too.

Shifting the Tone of Your Brand

A number of our clients have been start-ups who are not familiar with what clients expect from a website. Fortunately, we at Immersive Media have years of experience in not only being a website designing company, but in also tracking statistical data of a website and making tweaks when needed. One of the tweaks we have found to be the most useful: making your tone more approachable.

There is a fine line between portraying yourself as an industry leader and being too casual. When we create content for websites, we make sure that it is credible while still having that much needed human element. From what we have discovered, it is very possible to still be educational, professional, and even highly technical while still being fun and engaging.

Give Them What They Want

Why did the visitor land at your site? More often than not, it’s for information rather than to purchase your product. If you or your website designing company should deliver a clean, search-friendly website with great content, you’ll be far more likely to turn that visitor into a lead (and hopefully a customer).

Visitors want to use you as a resource. Our websites, while promoting sales, are also very much about providing educational content to your customers about your product, or other areas which will likely be of interest. As we see it, if you give your visitors something of value, you are more likely to receive something of value in return, like a sale.

How to Protect Yourself from a Disappointing Freelance Web Designer in Surrey

We don’t like to admit it, but with the right training, anyone could design and develop a website. Especially given the technology available to us today, someone can build their own website in hours. Unfortunately, as we at Immersive Media have found, this has also lead to the rise of the less-than-reputable freelance web designer in Surrey.

No one likes to be cheated, and no company wants to have a hideous website that hurts their brand image more than it helps. Below is how you can spot a bad freelance web designer in Surrey:

1. The Designer Has Poor Communication Skills

Communication is paramount to the building of a successful and satisfactory website. We at Immersive Media are in constant contact with all of our clients, asking questions and responding to opinions. If the freelancer you’re interested in is not so keen on returning phone calls or emails, look elsewhere fast.

2. The Designer Doesn’t Share Your Vision

The freelance web designer in Surrey must have a vision which aligns with yours. They should actively listen to what you want, understand your wants and needs, and then be able to share in your vision. If you find that the designer continually rejects ideas or is unwilling to do them, opt for a new designer.

3. The Designer Must Be Organised

Freelancers in any industry are given free rein to determine their schedule. While beneficial in many ways, it also means that the less organised few may give deadlines and dates which they cannot stick to. The freelancer of your choosing must demonstrate outstanding organisation in order to be selected for your project. Otherwise you will be stuck with missed deadlines, delayed projects, and ultimately lose more money because of the mistakes of another.

How a Web Design Company Can Elevate Your SEO

Nothing is more appealing than a clean, attractive, brand-centric and easy-to-navigate website. This is what our web design company Immersive Media are experts in creating. A website needs to be more than an online calling card. It also has to be SEO-friendly.

What Is SEO?

The acronym SEO stands for “search engine optimisation.” There are a number of ways in which a website may be legitimately optimised, including:

  • Informative and engaging content
  • Thoughtful keyword placement
  • Backlinking
  • Well-placed tags

Most of these items are not new to our clients’ ears. But what many don’t understand is how a web design company like our own can take a business’s SEO to the next level.

Building Bigger Websites

When it comes to websites, size matters. As our data has proven to us time and time again, websites with more content tend to rank higher in the search engine results pages. This makes sense, given how content-driven most search engines are. The more content your website has, the more indexed pages it will have. The more indexed pages your site has, the higher its ranking.

Balancing Graphics with Text

We’re a web design company – we love graphics! However, we do understand that there is a balance between graphics and text. In terms of SEO, graphics are difficult to optimise. Search engine robots are unable to read some elements of graphics (although Google updated their algorithm years ago to try and accommodate them).

In terms of the visitor experience, too many graphics may be too confusing. Too much clutter will draw them away from the intention of your brand. We at Immersive Media are pros in not only creating top quality graphics, but also placing them in such a way that they draw attention to pertinent information and posts.

Professional Web Design Services- What Sets Us Apart

Hiring a professional web designer can resolve a lot of your worries. Not only can a designer make your website look much better, but they can also help increase the traffic on your page. However, most people are confused about which professional web design services to choose. Companies look to profit as much as possible and often give exorbitant quotes to prospective customers.

Immersive Media is one of the most experienced web design companies in the United Kingdom. We offer a plethora of professional web design services, such as designing content management systems, e-commerce websites and web blogs. Here are a few things that set us apart from other designers:

Unparalleled Customer Support

All of our professional website designing services is supplemented with unparalleled customer support. Knowing the changes that will be made to your website, as well as the impact these changes will have is important to customers. We strive to answer all queries within 24 hours and keep our clients informed every step of the way.

Professionalism At Its Best

Working with an experienced, professional designer can give you maximum value for money. With over 13 years of experience in the web design industry, Immersive Media has built itself an unmatched reputation. We make sure that the job is done how you want it, and when you want it.

After Sales Support

Designing a website is a continuously evolving process. We understand that our clients require after- sales support and directed guidance after their website has been completely re-designed. That’s why we offer extensive after-sales support to our customers. Our job is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our professional web design services. Even after the job is done, we will be there to help you understand the changes.

For Surrey based businesses learn how you can increase your online business.

Understanding the Connection between E- commerce and Web Design

The design of your website plays a major role in attracting visitors. People generally prefer to view websites that are easy to navigate and light on the eyes. If you notice that visitors are not sticking around on your page for long, you need to focus on the design. For e- commerce websites, web design is all the more important. To meet your sales targets, you must work on the design of your website. Unless the design of your site is good enough, you won’t get many visitors on your website. Without a good number of visitors, you won’t be able to meet your monthly targets.

Over the years, Immersive Media has designed hundreds of different e- commerce websites. We have helped hundreds of clients understand the connection between e-commerce and web design. Here are a few things that you need to know:

The Importance of Easy Navigation

Navigation plays a very important role in an e-commerce website. Some of the most popular e-commerce websites in the world focus solely on easy navigation. Visitors need to be able to see what you are selling. However, a good e-commerce website design should maintain a balance between navigation and purposeful content.

Less Pictures, More Content

E-commerce web designs should focus more on the content on the website. If you are putting up items for sale, presentation is very important. The design should allow for pictures and textual descriptions, as well as a link to similar products on the website. At Immersive Media, we have worked with clients all over the UK. Most of our clients operate in the e-commerce sector. With over 13 years of solid web design experience, we can help you create a website that is not only attractive but also generates sales.

Creative Web Design Tips

Designing a website can be difficult. If you really take your business seriously, it is important that you hire a professional web designer to create your page from the ground up. Over the 13 years that Immersive Media has been in the web design business, Immersive Media has built a name for itself based on its services. We work with some of the most creative web designers in the industry, making sure that our customers are satisfied with our services. With our 13 years of experience in the web design industry, we know what your website needs to excel. If you are looking for a creative web design for your page, here are a few tips that we can offer:

The Power of Colour

Few designers really understand the power of colours when designing a website. One of the most important things that you need to understand is that the colour scheme you choose has a direct impact on your website’s performance. Immersive Media has worked with hundreds of clients from different industries. The one thing that we decide beforehand is the colour scheme of your page. Creative web design is all about using the right colour, after all.

The Layout

Before beginning work on your website’s design, we carefully determine the layout. Creative website layouts must be responsive and easily navigable. Creating a balance between easy navigation and a unique design is crucial to the success of your website. That’s where we come in. Our job is to give your website a touch of uniqueness and style, without making it too difficult to navigate from one page to another.

At Immersive Media, our job is to offer quality services at affordable prices. We have helped hundreds of different businesses achieve their commercial goals, and we are confident of helping you too.

The Advantages of Hiring a Freelance Web Designer in Surrey

The design of your website is very important for attracting visitors to your page. Most people usually skimp on hiring designers for their websites, which is why they are unable to break into the top fold in their niche. Remember, first impressions are of paramount importance. Rather than simply purchasing a template for your website, hire a professional web designer to realize your ideas.

Hiring a freelance web designer in Surrey is a great idea. Surrey is home to many start-ups and competitive businesses. Most businesses operate online, making the local market in the area quite competitive. At Immersive Media, we offer you the chance to take your business to new heights. Here are a few advantages of hiring a freelance web designer in Surrey:

A Unique, Tailored Design

Hiring a web designer gives you the benefit of creating a unique, tailored design. While you can purchase a template and customize it how you see fit, it doesn’t give the same impression. A tailored design looks better and leaves a stronger impression on your clients. It gives the impression that you are willing to invest in the business.

An Expert’s View

Another benefit of hiring a freelance web designer in Surrey is the fact that you get an expert’s view. Immersive Media has been designing websites for more than 13 years. Over the years, we have understood what sets a website apart. We can channel our experience and expertise into creating a website that not only looks good but is designed to attract visitors to your page.

A freelance web designer in Surrey can take your business to the next level. With our experience backing your business plans, we are confident of helping you reach new heights.